Laplace, Louisiana Speed Traps

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I-10 East bound between Laplace and Kenner

Laplace, LouisianaMar 24, 20100 Comments

Just out of Laplace the State troopers are on the Rt. side of the road where the bridge curves to the right. I have seen them in this spot at all times of the day. There are a few humps on this 12 mile portion of the bridge and they will sit on the down side of the bridge with the trunk lids open to hide their light bars.

Interstate I-10

Laplace, LouisianaApr 24, 20080 Comments

In between the first and second LaPlace exits is very often a nasty place to get snagged. Its easy for police to enter and exit using either exit, so it is common for them to drive in loops. This is also the first stretch of highway that’s on land after the twelve mile bridge spanning the spillway, where speeding is fairly common. Also, when the twelve mile bridge finally ends there is a slight rise and a bend in the road. Cops also like to sit just on the other side of the bend where you cant see them until its too late.

US Highway Hwy 51

Laplace, LouisianaDec 25, 20050 Comments

State Troopers are set up, up to 3 at a time standing next to the Spacewalk place on Hwy 51. They are shooting mostly with Laser. I got caught twice. They flag you down and you have to pull into an empty lot. I’ve seen as many as 5 cars at a time in that lot. They seem to be there about twice a month, usually during rush hour.

Interstate 10 near Belle Terre Boulevard

Laplace, LouisianaJun 24, 20050 Comments

The entire area from the hwy 61 cross over through Laplace is heavily patrolled with radar with a favorite trap being at the base of the raised section right before Belle Terre when traveling east. The state police are very professional and there is some tolerance of people speeding moderately. Nothing unfair about this operation but if you sail through here at much over seventy-five expect to collect some paper!

US Highway 61 near US Highway 51

Laplace, LouisianaMar 19, 20040 Comments

Local police drive back and forth with radar between U.S. 51 and the long Bonnet Carre Spillway bridge where state troopers then sit at both ends with radar, or sometimes at night but almost always during day, A LASERGUN which is not used until you get real close.

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