Madisonville, Louisiana Speed Traps

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Hwy 21 near cemetery

Madisonville, LouisianaAug 20, 20180 Comments

Speed trap town. They are hiding all over this place. Old man in black truck with no lights or markings pulling over every car he can. Slow way down in this town. Go below the limit i.e. you will find yourself contributing a big dollar amount towards this community.

Town of Madisonville. The entire town is a speed trap

Madisonville, LouisianaJul 25, 20180 Comments

We had planned on having a family reunion dinner at a Madisonville restaurant on the river. Sadly, we moved locations and went to Covington, LA to have our party because nobody wanted to be “speed trapped to death” by this town. Everyone was afraid of getting tickets! On the way home from that dinner, WOW- Madisonville Police Officers had three cars pulled over up and down the road. This is for sure a speed trap and everyone had better be warned to stay clear of this town if they do not want to get nickeled and dimed to death by the police.

Hwy 22 at Pennington Hardware

Madisonville, LouisianaJun 27, 20180 Comments

Warning: A bald headed white male driving an all black pickup truck that is unmarked and does not resemble a patrol car is stopping every vehicle he can. Warn your daughters and wives to call 911 if he tries to stop you. The 911 dispatcher will then advise your wife/daughter/mother if in fact it is a real cop trying to stop them. He stops cars for doing only a few miles over the speed limit. The cop should not be putting others lives at risk by stopping them in an unmarked black truck at night. This is crazy police business at best?

Hwy 21 in front of the post office

Madisonville, LouisianaJun 25, 20180 Comments

Town has lost all respect for common sense. A 93 year old great-grandfather got a “speeding” ticket for going 29 in a 25. And this was on Fathers Day!! This use to be such a nice town to visit and live in. Now the officers have lost their minds. You may want to avoid this town and go around it. Where is all the money going that comes from the tickets issued. Just yesterday, I personally observed 4 cars stopped and getting tickets. I have heard that in order to get a ticket- you must live OUTSIDE the city of Madisonville (no voting rights in the city).

Hwy 22 in town limits of Madisonville

Madisonville, LouisianaJun 18, 20180 Comments

New police chief in town and working hard to bring in dollars to this cash strapped village.
Avoid this town at all costs. Doing 3 over the limit will cost you 139.00 plus court costs.
I used to go eat dinner on the river. I will not be going back to Madisonville. By the time you add in the “speeding tickets” you could have eaten in the French Quarter.
My recommendation, do not stop in, go through or visit this village.

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