Westlake, Louisiana Speed Traps

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Westlake, LouisianaJul 26, 20230 Comments

Apparently there is 3 different speed limits 50/60/70 all in one area. that is called entrapment. We need to come together and file a class action lawsuit for this tyranny. Remember Statues & Codes are NOT laws. they are policies pushed by Police, get it? Remember “no injured party, no property damage” means there is no crime. People learn the constitution and put these Public Servants in place. they are here to serve us not the other way around. I saw 90% of people in court giving up their Constitutional Rights on the spot. Let’s hold these tyrants accountable.

#10 west of bridge

Westlake, LouisianaDec 04, 20170 Comments

Was in heavy traffic, very slow, doing 40, in behind an old work trailer blowing trash out the back, moved to left passing lane, got up to 64, saw officer door open, doing radar in between trucks. Lights went on, pulled me over, looked over my out of state plate. Comes to window, very happy fellow, what is the speed limit here, I said 60, no 50 he says, clocked you at 74. Nothing I could say or do but I click on cruise over 70 as my legs do not work. Got a 75 in a 50 after he told me 74, but it was a 64 in a 60, if I was with in state plates very, clever,thanks, never stop there again!

Miller Avenue near SJ Welsh School Ripley’s Boat Launch

Westlake, LouisianaAug 18, 20051 Comments

When rounding the curve by the noted landmarks they will stand on the side of the road and hit you with the radargun and then flag you off to the side. I travel this road frequently and have seen as many as four cars pulled over at one time.

Interstate 10 East

Westlake, LouisianaNov 10, 20040 Comments

The Westlake police sit in the middle of the Interstate running radar. When coming West bound into Lake Charles you pass Westlake first. The speed limit is 70 mph then drops to 60 mph then further drops to 50 mph over the six shooter bridge that takes you into Lake Charles. I was pulled over for doing 72 mph in a 60 mph zone. The catch is that they do not allow you to take defensive driving in Westlake, La. you can pay the fine or show up in court. They sit there on a regular basis and sometimes in the West bound lane also catching people going over 50 mph coming off the bridge going West bound.

I-10 East

Westlake, LouisianaMar 01, 20020 Comments

They sit hiding in the shrubs on the westbound side of the bridge where the speed limit drops from 70 mph to 60 mph before you go over the six shooter bridge. Then the speed limit lowers to 50 mph over the bridge. Its a city cop in a marked vehicle. Keep in mind Westlake offers NO DEFENSIVE DRIVING!! This was at 6:30 p.m. on a Sunday

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