Biddeford, Maine Speed Traps

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Granite St Extension

Biddeford, MaineApr 19, 20100 Comments

The cops will park backed into a driveway with radar…also they like to tuck up under the low hanging trees and hide near the cemetary…. Officer has given me two tickets on this road…once he had a woman pulled over and stepped out in the middle of the road and flagged more giving yet another ticket.

South Street, near Molley’s crotch

Biddeford, MaineMar 25, 20101 Comments

Actually all of south street from Lyman to Biddeford. They sit at the V (Molleys crotch) The speed varies on that road from 40 down to 25, so be aware. If you get officer Flint forget it you could be on the way to your fathers wake and still get a ticket (no lie it happened to me).

State Highway 111

Biddeford, MaineMay 22, 20091 Comments

As you drive out of the city past the new shopping mall the speed limit is 35mph. At the top of the hill it goes to 45mph. They will sit on a side street on the right, Andrews Rd., and before you see them you’re on radar. In my experience the Cop was polite, but my niece met his evil twin. He was rude and sarcastic. My understanding it that they have to summons you or write a report to their Chief explaining why they didn’t. If he doesn’t like the reason the Cop is disciplined. When Police Officers are not allowed to exercise discretion nobody benefits. If they want to get people to pay attention to the speed limit a warning is just as good. All I learned from my experience was to not shop in Biddeford.


Entire city of Biddeford Street

Biddeford, MaineMay 22, 20090 Comments

The city of Biddeford employs a ZERO tolerance for speeding. They routinely issue summons for 1 and 2 mph over the posted speed in all parts of the city, all hours of the day.

West Street near Five Points

Biddeford, MaineApr 15, 20080 Comments

I see people pulled over several times a week on West St, especially between Five Points and Guinea Rd. Beyond Guinea, I don’t know how strict they are. I see people flying all the time on outer West and Oak Ridge Rd, so I’m assuming they don’t care as much about the outer parts of the city.


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