Winnipeg, Manitoba Speed Traps

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Harkness and River Avenue

Winnipeg, ManitobaJul 17, 20170 Comments

Two baseball cap wearing henchmen, both caucasian, earners of $100k+ per year EACH, while driving a purposefully vague and un-identifiable taxpayer issued grey “Jimmy-type” vehicle with dark tinted windows, were viewed committing armed robbery of an unwary traveller between the hours of 2:30 and 3:00pm this Saturday July 15, 2017.

The pre-meditated heist took place in the vicinity of the
intersection of Harkness Avenue and River Avenue where the two state employed, and sanctioned, thieves lay in wait for their

detour near the Humane Society from Waverley to Pembina

Winnipeg, ManitobaJul 10, 20170 Comments

The detour from Waverley to Pembina near the Humane Society (on Hurst) has itself been detoured due to construction, pushing traffic goers into unknown areas of the neighbourhood. While we should all remain vigilant of our surroundings, the unfamiliar route plus confusing detour leads to mistakes.

In addition to the usual construction speed traps along the route, in particular they are tagging people for stop sign violations (rolling stops or encroaching the intersection), since most of us are already confused on the route or miss the signs until the last second due to trees/shrubs or getting lost.

Between Ellesmere and Vivian Avenues on St.Marys Road

Winnipeg, ManitobaJun 26, 20170 Comments

On Tuesday June 13, 2017 , I was witness to a racketeering operation which took place in the vicinity between Ellesmere and Vivian Avenues on St.Marys Road. I witnessed legalized theft taking place in the form of an unmarked traffic cop car “serving” citizen drivers between 10 and 11am of that day with some form of moving violation. The unionized thief held up EIGHT vehicles within that hour – about one every 7 minutes! This is racketeering plain & simple; brazen robbery that must be stopped.

Perimeter (Transcanada 100) and St. Anne’s

Winnipeg, ManitobaMar 08, 20170 Comments

Most intersections on the Perimeter slow from 100 km/hr to 80 km/h. However, the speed limit doesn’t increase back to 100 km/h until a couple hundred yards past the intersection. An unmarked cruiser will happily tag you for accelerating back to 100 too quickly at this intersection, especially eastbound. This typically occurs when the light is green and you have momentum; if you even bothered to slow down to 80 km/h in the first place.

Salter Street at Dufferin Avenue

Winnipeg, ManitobaFeb 06, 20170 Comments

On the North side of Salter Bridge, cops regularly lie in wait with a handheld radar device at the intersection of Dufferin Avenue and Salter. If you travel Northward over the bridge, look for them on the right hand side of that intersection: *particularly around noon*. Usually they try to obscure themselves behind a lamp standard or street sign at the yield. Ridiculous actually.

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