Concord, Massachusetts Speed Traps

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Cambridge Turnpike

Concord, MassachusettsApr 10, 20100 Comments

Leaving Concord Center heading east toward Boston, you will fork right onto Cambridge Turnpike, a fairly narrow two-lane road that leads to a light at Route 2. On the straightaway, drivers typically will hit 50mph, which will feel perfectly reasonable. The limits are mostly 35mph, and traps are often in place in the garden store lot (on the left heading east) or at the Sandy Pond Road intersection) on the right heading east after the straightaway. Watch for post rush hours and later at night.

Sudbury Rd after crossing Rt. 2

Concord, MassachusettsMar 25, 20100 Comments

The speed limit is 30mph over the upcoming bridge, then it turns into 35mph, then back to 30mph. Assuming you’re travelling towards Nine Acre Corner, on the right there’s usually a policeman there during rush hour, either right after it turns to 30mph, but always somewhere past the turn for Heath’s Bridge Rd. and before the fork for Oxbow / Garfield Rd.

Walden Street near Concord Town Courthouse

Concord, MassachusettsFeb 12, 20080 Comments

After the courthouse, the speedlimit drops to 20 (Right before the police station, surprise!). They will either sit in the courthouse road, or right in the police station lot. Also, if it is late at night or mid day they will usually follow you; as there are a multitude of 4 way stops in this area. Be sure you stop completely at all these signs, or you will find yourself pulled over.

State Route 2A near Concord Prison Farm

Concord, MassachusettsFeb 12, 20080 Comments

On Rt 2A as you approach the Concord rotary. As you approach, the prison will be on your left, and there will be a small road on the right (The Concord town light plant). Right after the road, the speed limit drops from 45 to 25. I see town cops here all the time, mostly at mid day or late evening. A lot of times you will see a truck in the road, and a town cop will be behind it. Beware of this spot. This is not a concern going away from the rotary, as the speed limit is 45 right after the rotary.

State Route 62 near Sleepy Hollow Cemetary

Concord, MassachusettsFeb 12, 20080 Comments

Rt 62 going either way. Leaving Concord, the Sleepy Hollow Cemetary will be on your leFort After it will be a small road on the right (Partridge ln), this is where the cops will sit. The speed limit is 25 till approx 200 ft after Partridge Ln, even though the natural flow of traffic is about 40MPH. Motorists tend to speed well past 25 at this area as the next speed sign (35MPH) is in sight right down the hill. Beware of this area, the cop sitting in Partridge ln will be well hidden by trees on either side of the road; and it is very unlikely you will be able to see him in advance. Also, coming towards Concord, the speed limit drops to 30 before this road, while the natural flow of traffic is 40. They will usually frequent this area in post-rush hour till late at night. Also, you will usually find one here on a weekend at any time of day.

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