Holyoke, Massachusetts Speed Traps

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91 N after exit 17

Holyoke, MassachusettsJul 03, 20020 Comments

On 91 North, after the easthampton exit, the highway curves to the left, then back to the right. Right where it straigtens out, I have seen marked and unmarked cars sitting off the right-hand side, fairly well off the road in the grass. You can’t see them until they’ve already got you!

RT5 South Bound

Holyoke, MassachusettsJun 06, 20020 Comments

Most of the time there is a police car hidden behind the local union building you can not see it until you pass the building by. Be careful got pulled over 2 times but got out of it cuz of good excuses you might not be that lucky…….

I-91 Southbound just after exit 14 (I-90 interchange)

Holyoke, MassachusettsDec 01, 20010 Comments

I’ve seen this car many times while travelling Northbound. He’s in between the North and Southbound lanes and may be hard to see when you’re headed Southbound because he’s just after an overpass, and the road does take some sort of a curve there. Most of the time he’s facing Southbound traffic, but occasionally he’ll turn Northbound. I’ve seen him actually pull off the highway at exit 15 and pull someone over into a gas station.


Holyoke, MassachusettsJan 01, 20010 Comments

Ok, I have confirmed this ‘speed trap’ with a state trooper bud of mine. (He referrs it as ‘safety enforcement’). On I-91 north and south, between exits 14-24 there is this new 1 and 2 car speed trap. Usually involves 1 unmarked vehicle and 1 marked vehicle. The unmarked vehicle is a purplish colored GrandAM (looks to be around a 96 model or so). Does not look to have rear dash/deck lights, but does have a visor light (As i saw when he stopped someone.) You can identify this car because it usually is sporting a trunk antenna, and has a MA police association sticker in his back window. Car has normal plates, i think the last two digits are NW. He will clock you and radio ahead to another trooper that stops you. If working one car trap he will stop you. Similar trap on the MA pike (I-90) between W.Springfield exit and Ludlow exits. Frequently works with locals or other statie. I could have sworn once when I was behind this dude that I saw him with a radar detector, but maybe it’s a ploy to make him look normal or maybe it was the speed display for his radar gun. In either case, on that trip he nabbed someone. NOTE: WATCH OUT for this vehicle. If the person driving this car is workin with another cop he isn’t in uniform, and it looks like any other driver and car out on the road! DONT challenge or attempt to race!! Also I hear that this vehicle will be trolling side streets in the area as part of a program called "Safe Roads"

I-91North exit 15

Holyoke, MassachusettsJan 01, 20010 Comments

Well I got nabbed yesterday. Going north on I-91 around exit 15 I was going about 75. It is posted 65. I had this guy on my butt so I sped up, and he went by, and then slowed back to about 75. To make a long story short, I eventually got back behind him and wanted to pass. I passed on the right and holy %%%% it was an umarked crusier. It’s a purple Pontiac, I think it was either a gand am or grand prix. He pinged me with radar but by then it was too late, and he flipped the lights on. I think he’s got a dash light, but I couldn’t tell if he’s got rears. Windows don’t seem to be overly tinted, and he wasn’t wearing a policeman’s jacket so you couldn’t look over while driving and tell he’s a cop. (he did have proper uniform/credentials tho) Car is purple and has a trunk antenna. Dam. Expensive ticket too. I’ve never seen the car before yesterday, but this morning I saw him again. Same darn car. I promptly did 65 and watched him pull over a beemer doing bout 80.

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