Nahant, Massachusetts Speed Traps

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Causeway to and from Nahant

Nahant, MassachusettsSep 30, 20100 Comments

Now that the mini big dig construction project is under way on the Causeway, the Nahant PD have posted 25mph speed limit signs to …let’s say fill the till. Plus this is a construction zone and if your speeding it’s $20 for each mph over…eg your caught going 35 and that’s going to cost you $200 + surcharge. Be on the lookout as they will follow you down the Causeway, they sit near the rotary and also near the Tides restaurant and bank parking lot. The citations have soared over the summer, something doesn’t sit quite right here. Be on guard and stay the 25, even though the boats in the channel are going faster.

Nahant Rotary Circle near Lynn Shore Drive

Nahant, MassachusettsAug 03, 20070 Comments

As you go around the Nahant Rotary onto Lynn Shore Drive the Mass. State Police sit there with a radar gun and routinely pull people over for going above the posted speed limit, ehich is 30 mph. But if you are entering the Rotary from the Lynnway (whihc is 40 mph) there are very few speed limit signs and you have no idea what the speed limit is on Lynn Shore Drive

Nahant Expressway

Nahant, MassachusettsMay 27, 20050 Comments

Massachusetts: Town Cops Warn Motorists of State Speed Trap
Police in the town of Nahant, Massachusetts are flashing lights on their cruisers to warn motorists of a radar speed trap run by state police.

Motorists in Nahant, Massachusetts are the beneficiaries of a territorial dispute between the town’s police force and state troopers. The town police are flashing lights on their cruisers to warn of a radar speed trap operated by the state police on the Nahant Causeway.

According to the Daily Item newspaper, Massachusetts State Police officers ordered the Nahant police to leave because they were "interfering with state police operations." The town police didn’t budge.

Nahant police say that the state is targeting local residents and hitting them for 5 MPH over on a stretch of road where the limit drops from 45 MPH to 35 MPH

Nahant Road near Nahant Road

Nahant, MassachusettsJun 08, 20040 Comments

Nahant cops wait at the end of either end of the causeway – the will usually grab you if you’re going more than 10 or 15 over.

Off Nahant Road in the parking lot of St. Thomas Aquinas Church

Nahant, MassachusettsJul 16, 20020 Comments

Route car is in church parking lot observing cars entering and leaving town.

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