Rehoboth, Massachusetts Speed Traps

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Rt 44 & Rt 118

Rehoboth, MassachusettsAug 02, 20160 Comments

Either March and or April of 2014 i observed two Rehoboth Police Officers with a Rehoboth Town Dump Truck remove a 40 mile an hour speed limit sign! This sign was located about 300 feet east of the Cumberland Farms Store, on the west bound side of Rt 44. Right after this in about May of 2014 i was traveling west on Rt 44 in this area at about midnight or so and i approached this intersection. I saw two police cruisers backed into the Verizon Company Phone Building and something told me to slow down! I did slow down to 20 miles an hour in front of the Cumberland Farms Store. I was about to enter the intersection, and the light went very quickly from green to red! I locked the car up and stopped in the middle of the intersection and in the position that i stopped i could not see the traffic light. I had to exit my car and walk to the back of the car to watch for the light to change. When it changed to green i got back into my car and left the intersection. I was followed by the two police cruisers all the way to where i was going and they sat outside of where i went to. I myself do not care what the Rehoboth Police Department do, but about 3 months ago i was given a speeding ticket by the Rehoboth Police Department. The ticket was for 70 in a 50. Since this time i have filed a complaint about everything to the District 5 Office of the Department of Transportation.

366 winthrop st Rehoboth, ma

Rehoboth, MassachusettsMar 12, 20110 Comments

driveway side of building. hidden from drivers by trees on one side and building on other. Picture available link below.

US Highway Rt. 44 near Anawan Street

Rehoboth, MassachusettsMar 18, 20080 Comments

Cruiser sits in driveway next to Mobil gas station just as you turn onto Rt. 44 or as you travel through the traffic light heading toward the school district .

Tremont St Street near State Highway Near State Highway rte 118

Rehoboth, MassachusettsOct 11, 20070 Comments

As you leave the city of Taunton heading towards Attleboro on Tremont street the speed limit is 45 then drops to 35 & there isnt but one limit sign on the road. Then as you get up by the donut shop and make the curve it drops again to 25. There is no warning of speed drop & sign is nearly invisible for trees.When you get around the curve a cruiser is waiting with his radar to catch you going overlimit.

State Route 44 near State Route 118

Rehoboth, MassachusettsJul 12, 20050 Comments

Police presence usually found coming upon or right at the intersection of route 44 and 118, the posted limit for this intersection is 40 mph, these lights are usually quick and officers enjoy pulling you over when trying to speed and beat the traffic signals…

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