Wilmington, Massachusetts Speed Traps

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Eames Street

Wilmington, MassachusettsApr 09, 20180 Comments

Eames st Wilmington, Cops sit on either side of Railroad tracks, Either at the abandoned Olin site, or in the Pepsi parking lot, speed limit is 20 and the whole st is a speed trap.

Aldrich rd

Wilmington, MassachusettsApr 02, 20180 Comments

Officer sits on side st, right near intersection of Aldrich and rte 129. Coming from Forest st towards 129, he will be almost impossible to see. speed limit is 25, it is real easy to go 35 through here, so watch out. If he gets you, theres no warnings its all ticket

State Rte. 129 at intersection of Woburn St.

Wilmington, MassachusettsJun 13, 20100 Comments

This intersection is well known by residents for needless crashes caused by drivers running the red lights. In the early morning hours commuters who are in a hurry to get to U.S. rte 93 will be well advised to heed the law and both slow down and not try to make it through that ” late yellow light ! And as a footnote…If you are Drinking and Driving….Stay out of “Beautiful Wilmington ” Altogether !

Route 38 at Woburn/Wilmington Line

Wilmington, MassachusettsApr 07, 20100 Comments

Watch out as you head north on Rt 38 from Woburn, as you come around the first right-hand corner in WIlmington just before the printing shop, the cops sit at the end of Cook Ave, just across the street from the Pet Shop and are very hard to see. Speed limit here is 25, turns to 45 100 yards farther down the road.

Casa Di Fiore/West Street and Industrial Ave

Wilmington, MassachusettsMar 25, 20100 Comments

Cruiser will sit in one of three places:

1. Casa di Fiore parking lot entrance, which is slanted downhill and surrounded by bushes making it almost impossible to spot the cruiser until it is too late.

2. On the downhill side of the 93 overpass bridge, coming from rte. 95/Woburn/Reading you will go up the overpass and as you come over the crest the cruiser will be directly in front of you in breakdown lane.

3. Hiding on Wilmington/Reading boarder across the street from Avalon Woburn apartment driveway. There is a utility access road they like to use as cover, the foliage from surrounding trees makes them difficult to spot.

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