Mattawan, Michigan Speed Traps

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I-94 Near Exit 66

Mattawan, MichiganApr 11, 20190 Comments

Village of Mattawan Police sit on I-94 a small less than 1 mile portion of I-94 near Exit 66 at all hours stopping as many vehicles as possible as a revenue tool. Also watch the ramps as they frequently sit up on the ramps watching out of drivers line of sight.

Glidden between 60th Ave. and Front Street

Mattawan, MichiganApr 01, 20100 Comments

Closer to Front Street than 60th near the only home (a duplex) on the road a police office sits with his vehicle facing 60th Ave. in a patch of Pine Trees. Not visible to most cars and less at night as he sits with no lights on. The road is 35 mph, but beacause there are no homes to speak of on that road, drivers find themselves going a bit faster.

McGillen Street near Front Street

Mattawan, MichiganMar 13, 20080 Comments

There is a trap on McGillen Ave where it changes into West "P" Ave. (If you head away from Mattawan and Wagoners on McGillen- up the hill). Once you pass the railroad tracks and the power tower, they like to sit in the driveway on the first curve. They are barely visible and the speed limit of 35 is not called for in that very country area.

French Road near Main Street

Mattawan, MichiganOct 22, 20070 Comments

Several spots along the road that officers pull back into and are not easily identified, speed limit is 35 but traffic coming down the hill is generally going quite a bit faster and several people have been pulled over.

Front Avenue near Murray Street

Mattawan, MichiganNov 14, 20050 Comments

radar-front and rear antenna. This is the downtown area of Mattawan, right in the heart of the village. The police sit in the downtown area in a well-posted 25mph zone. Anything 12 or more mph over, they’ll stop you. Anything 15mph or more over will get a ticket. Their level of enforcement is somewhat down due to them not wanting to write tickets for the sole purpose of raising revenue for the village, but tickets are still to be had in this area, so be careful.

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