Mount Pleasant, Michigan Speed Traps

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Bellows east of Mission

Mount Pleasant, MichiganMay 11, 20100 Comments

The city police frequently sit along Bellows east of Mission, usually in the church parking lot, waiting to catch people speeding. It’s a medium-density residential area (apartments and duplexes) on one side, the high school on the other side, so the speed limit is 25. However, it’s a wide, straight stretch of road, so it’s real easy to pick up speed, and the cops sit there waiting to nail people. I also see them posted back up on Elizabeth waiting for people to run the stop sign at Bellows and Elizabeth.

East Campus between Preston and Bellows

Mount Pleasant, MichiganMay 11, 20100 Comments

City and campus police both use a hiding spot in one of the parking lots off East Campus to nail northbound speeders on this stretch of road. South of Preston, the speed limit on East Campus is 30, but on the other side of Preston the speed limit drops to 25. Going north from Preston, the road S-curves to the left, and there’s some trees that block the view into the parking lot before the curve. The cops look south through the trees and wait for people coming north speeding.

All of Broadway west of Isabella

Mount Pleasant, MichiganMay 11, 20100 Comments

Broadway is a fairly-major thoroughfare in Mt. Pleasant. It connects the neighborhoods west of the railroad, goes through downtown, and continues through the residential areas east of Mission and then leads over the highway and out to the casino, and so it carries a lot of traffic, but on the 2+ mile section west of Isabella, the speed limit is 25. The downtown itself isn’t bad for speeders as there’s two stop signs and always a good amount of pedestrian traffic, vehicles turning, and such, but out of the central business district the speed limit is still 25 but it’s real easy to hit 35+ if you’re not paying attention (and 25 seems ridiculously slow). You’ll commonly pass city, county, and tribal police along this road, and unless they’re transporting someone to jail, they’ll turn around and chase after you if you’re going too fast.

Streets leading from the casino

Mount Pleasant, MichiganApr 23, 20100 Comments

The Chipewa Indians have surveilance cameras all through the Casino parking lot. They seen my son and I drinking in the Casino. I was the designated driver. I only had 2 beers, and my son was drinking pretty good cause he was winning. They waited till we were on the road, then pulled us over. Found an empty beer can and wrote us both up for open intox, and had our vehicle towed back to the Casino, and charged us 90 dollars for a 2 mi tow. Talk about entrapment. Does’nt get any worse than this!!! Stay away from this Casino.

on watson road between w high st (m-20) & w preston street

Mount Pleasant, MichiganMar 15, 20100 Comments

watson road is a small connector street between w high st and w preston street. it is typically referred to as the backway to the central michigan university campus. watson road has a downward sloping grade from both w high st and w preston street. it is EASY to travel over the speed limit, which is posted as 25mph, due to the downward grade in the road in both directions. anything OVER 30mph and you’re nailed. cops like to sit in residential driveways and on the side connector streets out of view. the highest activity occurs between 7am and 8:30am and 4pm to 6pm, naturally! tickets are $100 and 2 points on your license. i speak from experience……

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