New Baltimore, Michigan Speed Traps

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New Haven Road and I-94 overpass

New Baltimore, MichiganFeb 04, 20200 Comments

Not a speed trap, but a money making improper pass. Traffic backed up over a 1/4 mile coming from New Baltimore. Traffic coming from New Haven streaming with occasional gaps that allow New Baltimore drivers to turn left onto I-94 ramp.
They painted a white line on the right side. Cop sits in the soccer field driveway waiting for a vehicle to go around the left hand turner. This is ridiculous, the medium is 2″ wide coming over the overpass. no space for emergency vehicle to get by. Then it opens up so there is enough room to go around the left had turner. I have been driving this for over 20 years and have seen all kinds of vehicles, including haulers going around the left turner. It’s a money trap. Saw someone pulled over this morning. When this cop does this the traffic backs up even more on the 247 ramp. Took over 5 minutes to get to the top of ramp to turn.

Gratiot Ave between 21 and 23 Mile Road

New Baltimore, MichiganAug 09, 20160 Comments

On Gratiot Ave between 21 and 23 Mile Road.
Many parking lots to pull people over in.
Chesterfield is becoming a police abusive area.
Further supported by the Macomb Sheriff & State police.

Sass Road between Sugarbush and 23 Mile Road

New Baltimore, MichiganFeb 11, 20110 Comments

Residential road recently paved, Speed limit is 25 MPH and is closely watched by police radar in parking lot near 23 Mile Road.
The speed limit on the other side of 23 Mile Road is 40 MPH.

Huntley Avenue, (between washington and countyline)

New Baltimore, MichiganJun 10, 20100 Comments

Going down Huntley there is about 6 stop signs and its a residential area. they will pull you over for doing 3-5 over. the newer impala sits at the stop signs making sure you don’t roll through it (if you dont come to a COMPLETE stop he will ticket you) or there will be an unmarked black charger that hides in driveways or behind cars to clock you doing 2-5 over the speed limit. i get that its residential and you shouldnt speed BUT I MEAN COME ON! 2 over????


New Baltimore, MichiganMar 20, 20100 Comments


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