Oak Park, Michigan Speed Traps

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Anywhere on Coolidge in Oak Park is a speed trap.

Oak Park, MichiganApr 27, 20100 Comments

Police Officers are on Coolidge all day long handing out tickets. It gets really bad on the weekends and evenings. I wonder if a traffic study has been performed on this road according to public act 85. I suspect the speed limit is artificially low and could be challenged in court.

W. 8 Mile Road & Wyoming St.

Oak Park, MichiganMar 24, 20100 Comments

Exited Southfield Fwy going East on 8 mile. Noticed young male driver right on my bumper so I sped up to get away (he had both left and right lanes to go around) and when I got to bottom of 8 mile overpass a Sheriff was sitting in turn around lane and stopped me for speeding. I explained what happened and asked if he saw the other driver shoot over to far right and Really sped up. He said too bad I got you and you don’t have to worry any longer about the other bad driver. He wrote ticket for 5 over but it was still $100.00. I should have gone to court but didn’t want to miss work. I have seen other Police in that area so Beware.

8 Mile Road near Greenfield Road

Oak Park, MichiganNov 21, 20070 Comments

When you are travelling on 8 Mile going east there is an overpass to go over Greenfield road. Please do not speed when travelling down the overpass. The cop car sits in the median and clocks cars going both ways (east & west). There is a Michigan u-turn available there, that is where the cop car sits.

Scotia Street near Nine Mile Road Street

Oak Park, MichiganSep 12, 20071 Comments

Police cars are pulled off the street, sometimes hidden, sometimes empty…but when I went to traffic court, more tickets were issued on Scotia Street than anywhere else in Oak Park. 25 mile speed limit, very strictly enforced. Also, tickets are issued for not wearing a seat belt, $65. I tried to pay it right away but they said I was too early. When I hadn’t paid it in three or four weeks, it went up to $100 and suspension of my license

Scotia Street near Coolidge Road

Oak Park, MichiganAug 05, 20071 Comments

Going south on Scotia from Oak Park Blvd toward the 9 mile light. Just before the light at 9 Mile, you will find an officer perched about 500 yards to the leFort

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