Bourbon, Missouri Speed Traps

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I-44 Bourbon

Bourbon, MissouriJul 18, 20140 Comments

The town itself is upset for police that focus on I-44. For drivers from states like Massachusetts with mandatory insurance they try to fine them for not carrying proof of insurance. After 6 months that still hasn’t been resolved despite a letter from my insurance agent.

Inbetween Leasburg and Bourbon

Bourbon, MissouriNov 05, 20100 Comments

I’ve looked at all the other Bourbon Speed Traps, seems unclear, so I wanted to clarify:

ON Hwy 44 – Not only the Bourbon Police sit on the side of the highway in both directions, but the Missouri Highway Patrol also sit there. Normally, they sit up over the first hill from Leasburg heading Eastbound. It’s right up over a hill and you don’t see them until you’re right on them. They also sit on the Westbound side sometimes. It’s best to slow to the speedlimit at the Bourbon Exit if heading Westbound and slow at the Leasburg Exit if heading Eastbound. This is no joke! They’ll get you lol.

A little history on this speed trap:

The Bourbon Police used to sit there and were only supposed to give tickets out if the traveler was over about 80 miles per hour. But they got such as great response from the massive amount of tickets issued, that the State Patrol basically chased off the city cops and took up those spots due to the massive amount of revenue it generates.

Interstate 44 – Between Exits 214 and 218

Bourbon, MissouriJan 31, 20102 Comments

Watch out for these cops. They have a special cop car that says Highway Safety Unit or something like that on it. Their city limits were extended only to include the outer road and Interstate for 4 miles from town. If I am not mistaken, only the highway patrol can pull you over though here, due to the fact that it is not in a metropolitan area. I see them about 8-10 times as I drive through here. Also, when they are doing their “revenue enhancement” stops, they conduct themselves in an unsafe manner, pulling motorists over on the other side of hills where they cannot be seen.

Interstate 44 near Interstate 44

Bourbon, MissouriNov 14, 20070 Comments

They sit on the Overpasses from Leasburg, MO to East of the Bourbon, MO overpass.

State Highway 44

Bourbon, MissouriJan 08, 20070 Comments

All cars over the posted speed limit will be ticketed for speeding. If cars are out of the area they will be searched. Trap is between the exits of Bourbon, MO and Leasburg, Mo. Aprox 6 miles

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