Fenton, Missouri Speed Traps

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Between Fenton and Arnold 30 141 55

Fenton, MissouriAug 29, 20130 Comments

The StL co Jeff co And State Cops Take turns and intertwine threw out the month here. Its like watching Sea gulls scavenge a whale corpse around here.
Hungry hungry Hippos Remember that game. So Always Assume A Speed Trap OR CHECK YOUR PAPERS STOP IS NEAR BY

Meramec Station Rd (off 141 and 44), Smizer Mill Rd

Fenton, MissouriFeb 11, 20120 Comments

Turning right off 141 into Meramec Station Rd, cops like to hide in the following places (in sequence as they appear):
1) at the gas station’s parking lot (which is at your left)
2) at the parking lot behind the mall (which is at your right). This is a tricky one, because you can’t see the cop’s car very clearly. While driving, you will be looking straight to the road that curves to the left and the cop’s car will be closer to the buildings, at an angle to your right. Besides, only the top half of the cop’s car is visible (barely) due to the terrain’s topography.
3) As soon as you pass the mall and hotel’s road (Lambert Drury Dr.), look at the empty lot at your right, they like to park there too (perpendicular to the road).
4) Then look at your left, where the cell phone tower is located, they park perpendicular to the road.
5) Then look at your right again as there is another small nook just before the road comes to a fork (Meramec Station and Smizer Mill), cops like to park there, also perpendicular to the road.
6) If, at the fork, you go left into Smizer Mill, after the end of the big curve, as soon as you go uphill, cops may be sitting on the right shoulder (parallel to the road).

Highway 270 between Manchester and 44

Fenton, MissouriApr 30, 20100 Comments

The highway patrol flies a small plane over 270 from Manchester Rd to just south of 44. The cruisers sit on Dougherty Ferry Rd waiting to hear who to pull over.

US Highway I-44 near Interstate 141

Fenton, MissouriJan 21, 20080 Comments

An officer will sit in the middle of the median where the wire median ends running radar right before the speed drops down to 60. when you pass lewis park and go up the hill and come down he 45 degree hill. Theyre located not to far from that point.

US Highway I-44 near Bowles Off Ramp Road

Fenton, MissouriJan 21, 20080 Comments

Usually if you are going west on I-44 and are about to pass bowles off ramp on 44 Sometimes a cop will sit in the middle divider under the overpass running radar. Generally they are by them self in that situation.

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