Independence, Missouri Speed Traps

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Independence, MissouriMar 14, 20140 Comments

Always, Always, Always watch for Patrol Cars at this Intersection, whether it be (MHP) Missouri Hiway Patrol, Independence Cops, or Jackson County Sheriff’s. I’ve seen all three at this very popular location. Now that it’s warm weather watch for Independence Motorcycle Cops too! SPEED LIMIT on Little Blue Parkway is 45MPH, Trust me I do not go over 50MPH……USE YOUR CRUISE CONTROL ON THIS NEW ROAD!!! Newer road from 40 highway to 24 highway. 4 lane divided. Right now with no businesses, it is my opinion there is no real reason why the speed limit should be so slow! Suggest a speed limit of at least 55mph or 60mph. Right now I see no reason for the stop light at Necessary Road that basically goes no where! Next stop light north is Truman Road an and 23rd Street (78 hwy) that runs east to 7 highway..
you are out in the country and the 45mph speed limit is a somewhat slow for the area!!…..THAT’S WHY COPS LOVE THIS ROAD SO MUCH!

24 HWY-west of 7 HWY to Blue Mills Road

Independence, MissouriMar 14, 20140 Comments

FOHS students beware! This has been a SPEED TRAP for the past 30 years I’ve lived in FOHS district. The SPEED LIMIT is 65MPH from 7 HWY west towards (new) Little Blue Parkway intersection. I strongly suggest you DO NOT drive over 65MPH. from my own personal experience this area seems to have ZERO TOLERANCE! Speed Limit drops to 50 MPH westbound going up the hill to Little Blue Pkwy intersection. Jackson County Sheriffs & Independence Cops alike love to sit at the cross-over at the 50MPH sign going up the hill to Little Blue Parkway.

East 24 Highway & Powell Road, 64056

Independence, MissouriNov 04, 20130 Comments

I starting noticing the speed traps when East 24 Highway was under re-construction with the construction of the new Little Blue Parkway enterance. The whole time this work zone was in place, Jackson County Sheriff’s Department and a unmarked Ford Crown Victoria Independence Cop liked to sit in the construction zone and catch speeders. today the unmarked cop car stopped 3 drivers in less than 90 minutes. speed limit west bound goes from 65 to 50 and that my friends is where they are waiting for you. WATCH OUT!

East 24 Highway & Jennings

Independence, MissouriNov 04, 20130 Comments

Since the Jackson County Sheriffs and now the Independence Police both have black cars they are hard to see. Look out at night and after the GEHA employees go home. Both Police & Sheriff’s like to park on the parking lot in the dark or in the old CVS Parking lot and monitor traffic. They are looking to get you (and they will)!

M-291 at Independence Avenue

Independence, MissouriNov 04, 20130 Comments

going northbound on M-291 there is a driveway before you get to the Geospace enterance to the east. cops like to park in that driveway and catch you. speed limit is 50mph. Southbound they sit on the west side and watch the intersection also.

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