Austin, Nevada Speed Traps

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Highway 50 near Austin

Austin, NevadaOct 22, 20100 Comments

In and around Austin there are long straights with no traffic signals. This makes it really easy to get on it. From a distance you’ll see a silver or white SUV coming at you,…that would be Nevada HP and chances are he’s already hit you a few times with Instant – ON radar. If you have a Valentine 1 you will most likely avoid a ticket but make sure if you see a car coming from way out slow down until you pass even if you have a detector. They are pretty slick in this part of Nevada.

Right on U.S. Highway 50 going West

Austin, NevadaFeb 28, 20101 Comments

As you come down what is known as Austin Summit, the road curves around and down and then straightens out as it heads into town. Just before the road starts to straighten out, there is a junkyard on the right side (i.e. the south side) of the road. The owner of the junkyard was even kind enough to post a sign that says “Speed Trap Ahead.” And that is no exaggeration, since there is always a highway patrol officer sitting right there in his truck, usually in the shade which makes him hard to spot. On the day I was there, not only was I pulled over but so were about five other people. Something else to know: the officer who usually runs that speed trap is not very nice, shall we say. He is very brusque and almost hostile at times. Many of the townspeople know this and have no use for his attitude – just ask around town. So be sure and slow down to exactly what the sign says and you’ll be fine. Please tell all your friends about this officer and this speed trap.

US Hwy 50 & Cedar St

Austin, NevadaSep 09, 20090 Comments

Going north on hwy 50 is down hill from the time you enter town and continues for a mile or more north of town, hard to maintain speed! The last time I was there the local fuzz was driving an old pickup truck with an old bubble gum light on the cab, he almost got me, but I spotted the light on top, he was coming up the hill north of town.

US Highway 50 near State Route 376

Austin, NevadaMay 28, 20080 Comments

State Troopers will issue citations for going 10 or more over the speed limit.


State Highway 50

Austin, NevadaMar 18, 20080 Comments

Driving west into town, the road descends and switches back.
Speed limit is 25, but it is difficult not to exceed that.
Watch for a hand painted sign on the right appraising you of the ‘Speed Trap Ahead’


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