Beatty, Nevada Speed Traps

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Beatty Nevada Town limits

Beatty, NevadaFeb 26, 20120 Comments

We are staying in a RV park in Beatty NV, next to Hwy 95 and have noticed at least 8 traffic stops in a 4 hour period. There are 3 Nye County sheriff’s patrol cars in this town with a population of 1000. It appears that Beatty is a profit center for Nye County. In their defense, 25 mph is an appropriate speed for this town and 70 mph is appropriate for the outskirts. I would rather come up to the town limits fast and slow down fast then get slowed down to 55 or 45 three miles out of town. The best way to handle a speed trap is to not spend any money in the town and make sure the chamber of commerce, the businesses, the county supervisors and the sheriff know about it. When they lose $400.00 in business to make $200.00 off a fine, things might change.

Hwy 95 South leaving Beatty

Beatty, NevadaJun 01, 20111 Comments

On Sunday, May 15, 2011 at 2:00PM approximately. As we were leaving town from a residential street (we stayed the night in Beatty), we stopped at the intersection and proceeded on HWY 95, south out of town. There were no speed signs at all! Then the sheriff (Highway Patrol?) lighted us up and pulled us over as we approached the first 25mph sign. He lit us up before any infraction happened. He was courteous but said we were traveling at 37 mph, but he wrote us up at 28 mph. Interestingly enough, we could see the 35 mph sign 100 – 200 ft away. There is no doubt that we were driving very safely and that there was no notice about the speed limit.
What else could it be than a classic speed trap? According to the Federal Highway Administration, Signs, like any other traffic control devices, must meet certain requirements. Among them is the requirement that signs “Give adequate time for proper response”. It further stipulates that “the posting of such signs has to be proven in order for the lower speed limit to be effective. If there is no evidence that signs were posted, the maximum speed limit controls.” If the state or local government’s attempt to comply with posting requirements is not reasonably likely to give actual notice to drivers of the lower speed limit, the lower speed limit will not be enforced.
The unfortunate situation about this obvious revenue method for the local community is that Nevada does not permit a written Trial by Declaration, so one must physically go to court in Beatty to fight the ticket.

Hwy 190 coming out of Death Valley National Park

Beatty, NevadaMay 25, 20110 Comments

Nevada Highway Patrol sits at the bottom of a long flat highway out of Death Valley and waits for people to miss hitting the brakes when the speed limit drops to 45 which is unrealistically low. We caught the NHP in a series of lies and the charges were thrown out. What is disgusting is the NHP had no issues about lying on the ticket and to me.

South exit

Beatty, NevadaFeb 16, 20111 Comments

Sheriff Department Patrol car positions himself and radars you in sight of the exit and 35 MPH sign. He writes you for exceeding the 25 MPH limit. We saw him write 2 consecutive "speeders" leaving not entering the town.

North and South ends of town.

Beatty, NevadaOct 01, 20100 Comments

Speed limit goes from 70 mph to 25mph through town. They’re always looking for revenue.

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