Jean, Nevada Speed Traps

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I15 from St. Rose to Primm NV

Jean, NevadaJun 13, 20140 Comments

Zero tolerance zone on electronic sign boards. State Troopers always in this area hammering motorists. This area has seen a lot of bad crashes in the past. Not so much now with so many Troopers patrolling the area.

I-15 near Jean (between cal border and LV)

Jean, NevadaFeb 19, 20110 Comments

Nevada highway patrol lie in wait on both sides of fwy trapping incoming and exiting tourists. They are ruthless and it’s obviously for the money. Traffic moves at 80. They love to set constr cones out when NO work is being done to get double the fine. Speeding will cost u $400+

MM 13 (Jean) up to MM 26 North bound

Jean, NevadaMar 25, 20103 Comments

Troopers park at MM 22.5 and radar cars at close range as they pass. Trooper will challenge drivers about being in "big hurry to get somewhere back there".
Admit nothing. Demand to see Radar gun. Check ticket for MM 13-17 error because construction zone = x2 ticket. Demand to see judge immediately. Take pictures of location. Also, troopers patrol (unmarked black SUV & Sedans) in CA from Cima Rd to Stateline and will use radar readings there for tickets in NV even if you are driving under 75 on cruise control.

I-15 Northbound and Southbound near Jean Nevada

Jean, NevadaNov 14, 20090 Comments

State Toopers extensively work this area looking for Vegas bound travelers coming and going from Sin City. I travel this area weekly and always see several motorists pulled over each time. Keep it under 85 mph in the 70 zone and they dont seem to bother you. Any speed faster than that and they will nail you.

I- 15 & Underpass Rd

Jean, NevadaNov 14, 20090 Comments

State Troopers always in this stretch of Freeway between the California line and Las Vegas. I see several sitting in the median and or pulling over cars on every trip I take to Vegas! I have also seen some bad crashes on this road also.

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