Schurz, Nevada Speed Traps

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South Boundary of the Walker River Reservation

Schurz, NevadaJun 23, 20210 Comments

Car flow does not match the actual speed limit, Speed limit is 60 but the flow of traffic is going 70. Tribal police in white explorer wait on the bend of the US as you enter the res. Seems to be a source of income for the res.

Between the towns of Walker Lake and Schurz

Schurz, NevadaJul 03, 20190 Comments

The Walker River Palute Tribe/Walker River Tribal police department operates a pair of dark colored SUVs between the towns of Walker Lake and Schurz. As one approaches the town of Schurz from the south, the speed limit abruptly changes from 70 to 55 mph with very little distance between the signs. Beware! They use instant on radar, which provides absolutely no warning if you are the only driver on the road. My radar detector gave me ample warning for one of the cops, but I got nabbed and cited by the second, one who was hiding around a corner, for doing 65 in a 55 mph zone. The total bail amount came out to $195.

US95 south just before junction Alt95 south

Schurz, NevadaNov 29, 20170 Comments

Us 95 south just before alt95 speed limit is 70mph . Your coming down rolling hill up & down there is a 60mph then 50mph that you dont see because of hills intill your next to sign and they are all too close together cant see the 60 mph or 50 mph .was at 45 just before the 40 mph. The cop sits hidden on the left side. .were you dont see him till the 40mph. He wrote me for 60 mph in a 50mph. Never drive US95 in neveda its just full of speed trappin $ hungry cops

US 95 and Colony Drive in Shurz Nevada

Schurz, NevadaAug 29, 20170 Comments

The posted signs are deceptive. As you come into town it says 40. Fine, you think this is the limit for this town but you would be wrong. They post it 30 for a short stretch and Tribal police just sit and wait for their hourly budget money. Also, Hawthorne “Justice” Court does not accept personal checks so pay our $20 credit card shakedown fee too. This place is running a racket. Avoid Shurz at all costs.

Schurz, small town on Hwy 95

Schurz, NevadaNov 07, 20160 Comments

Schurz is a village located in Indian land along Hwy 95 and I got caught surprised by an officer of Walker River Tribal Police as I came around a bend between 50 and 40 MPH zones.

The rural speed limit along Highway 95 is 70 mph for wide stretches. I was driving legally for the 70 MPH stretches and monitoring the speed limit with my GPS, which alerts me to speed zone changes.

Inconsistent speeds between towns. The town of Shurz has a central speed limit of 35 mph whereas the near town of Walker Lake which seems more congested to my eyes, has a central speed limit of 50 MPH. Logically, I would expect both to be 50 MPH or the speeds reversed with 50 MPH for Schurz, the seeming less busy area.

No yellow diamond sign warning of 35 MPH zone ahead. Many communities along Highway 95 do this, but not Schurz.

A quick succession of speed limit change signs, especially if there seems no traffic reason for this until the town center is reached. Schurz has a rapid succession of 70, 60, 50, 40 and 35 MPH. A driver can be lulled into thinking they adjusted to the lower limit, only to find they missed the next sign.

The location and changed in speed limits to the state database which is in turn used in all manner of mapping, including the GPS maps in use be many drivers, is not up to date. My map is updated monthly and, for example, the speed limit change to 60 MPH both entering and leaving the town of Schurz does not register. There appears to be a gap in the information submitted to the state database.

A few days later I came through Schurz again and an officer had another out of stater pulled over on the same stretch.

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