Manchester, New Hampshire Speed Traps

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Interstate 93 near Exit Number 6

Manchester, New HampshireSep 02, 20040 Comments

Just before exit 6 on I 93 north and 293 on the southbound side. Access path between north and south lanes are where the State Police sit clocking you with mainly radat but have used Laser. Normally 2 cruisers are there in the mornings and weekends but I have seen up to 5 there on holiday or heavy travel days/weekends.

Bridge Street near Elm Street

Manchester, New HampshireAug 07, 20040 Comments

Heading West over the Bridge Street Bridge towards McGregor St., the police will stand on the side of the road at the end of the bridge and radar drivers. Especially tricky because it is often late at night (police hard to see), and it is easy to speed across the bridge (30 mph zone). Often times it is an officer standing next to his motorcycle, but I have sometimes seen more than one at a time with cruisers parked off to the side. Be careful if you are leaving with the bar rush at closing time (12-1am) off Elm St. as this is their favorite time to get you.

Huse Road near Interstate 93/293

Manchester, New HampshireJun 24, 20040 Comments

car sits at mall fire exit , hiding just behind trees as you head towards So. Willow St.

State Route 3A near Tessier Road

Manchester, New HampshireJun 23, 20040 Comments

On Brown Ave, heading south toward Manchester Airport, city police and/or county sheriff park on Tessier Road near the ball park and clock motorists heading toward the airport with hand-held instant-on radar. I’ve seen them on occasion, sometimes in the morning rush, sometimes evening, sometimes mid-day, maybe once or twice a month. Lately a radar speed sign has been placed near the intersection of Brown Ave. and Goffs Falls Road.

The speed limit is 30 but when traffic isn’t heavy it isn’t uncommon to see people doing 40+ mph.

I-93 between exit 9 and 10

Manchester, New HampshireNov 13, 20030 Comments

Just as you pass from exit 9 going towards Exit 10 there are usually 2 cops sitting there (sometimes more). Watchoout if you’re coming south bound cuz there is no way to see them. They are just before the Merrimack river bridge as you come towards exit 10 travelling northbound I-93.

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