Rindge, New Hampshire Speed Traps

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State Highway 119 near Within 3 miles of the Mass border

Rindge, New HampshireAug 17, 20070 Comments

This is mostly a late night event. Patrol car sits off the shoulder with all the lights off and uses radar on a straigtaway near the Mass border, usually for westbound traffic.

State Route 202, 119

Rindge, New HampshireMay 05, 20041 Comments

Becarefull traveling through Rindge. Rindge is a college town and cops patrol all the time, making revenue on tickets for the town. My advice is to avoid speeding in Rindge at all costs.

US Highway 119

Rindge, New HampshireApr 20, 20040 Comments

Traveling Eastbound on US 119 upon entering Rindge from the town of Fitzwilliam there is a depot of some nature (town facility) which is on your right-hand side. Police tend to sit in that facility aiming at people. Note: Rinde is a college town (Franklin Pierce College); Rindge police don’t have much to do but harass motorists for any kind of violations possible.

Cathedral Road near Shaw Hill Road

Rindge, New HampshireApr 11, 20040 Comments

******Warning all late night travelers of Cathedral Rd. use caution and radar detector users. I seems as if the local PD is not initially using radar at this location. They use two reference points to get your speed then decide to persue using radar to confirm there reading!****
This trap goes for both direction of travel. They set up in a small opening between stonewalls at the Cathedral of the Pines. Traveling from Jaffrey to Rindge as you crest the top of the hill where a T intersection forms with Shaw Hill Rd. Make sure you obey the 35mph posted limit becuase they wait just a 100 feet ahead of you. You most likely will not see the cruiser but to the watchfull eye you may see a glimpse of the license plate. From Rindge to Jaffrey to Speed posted is 50mph up untill you curve left and up hill where the speed drops to 35mph. ****Watch out this is a new method of speed checking they may be using here as of 04/11/04.

State Route 119 near Cathedral Road

Rindge, New HampshireApr 11, 20040 Comments

***This spot has been named The Donut Break through the years. Both directions of travel are threatened here due to the name this is where they talk and eat there donuts!
Traveling west on 119 after School St. The speed limit drops from 55 to 40. You climb a hill and are then exposed to the 40 zone. Heading east on 119 from Foggs intersection you head up a long hill of a 50mph posted limit. At the top of the hill starts the 40 zone. The 1/2 mile strech offers multiple traps that have been used.

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