Elizabeth, New Jersey Speed Traps

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Westfield Avenue

Elizabeth, New JerseyAug 28, 20130 Comments

Aug. 28 2013 10:50am
East Westfield Avenue Elizabeth, NJ a two lane street they have a parked stationary police vehicle with lights on. As cars approach the cars in the right lane are pulled over and ticketed and given a ticket and a brochure about New Jersey’s Move Over Law. I got caught and at least 30 other vehicles were caught in the five minutes I was waiting for my ticket. I returned going West 15 minutes later and they had packed up because they reached their quota.
It must be a good money maker.
The punishment for violating NJ’s Move Over Law is a fine up to $500 ($100 – $500) and two points on your driving record.

Frelinghuysen Ave/Newark Ave/Alina St Newark/Elizabeth Borde

Elizabeth, New JerseySep 12, 20100 Comments

Police have placed car with no officer parked right hand side of Alina heading towards Elizabeth, easy to spot. Just a way to scare people to slow down. Stay alert at times unmarked police in crown victorias may be parked in between the side driveways of the abandoned factories on that same section.

On Corbin St. usually south bound

Elizabeth, New JerseyMay 15, 20100 Comments

In Port Newark, when you cross from Port Newark into Port Elizabeth on Corbin Street in the Sea Port, the cruisers are off to the side of the road and by the time you see the cruiser it is to late. About a quarter of a mile when you cross from Essex County, Port Newark into Union County, Port Elizabeth. The Cruisers are usually marked white and Blue, Port Authority NY NJ Police

Route 1&9 south and north bound overpass bridge of Elizabeth

Elizabeth, New JerseyApr 19, 20100 Comments

The speed limit is 40MPH, cops sits in the car right on the auxiliary lane at the middle of the bridge. Radar picks you then he radio in your info. to 7 other police cars and at the botton of the hill these police cars are meets you. Its like a gold mine for the union county and the city, since nobody obey the speed on such a big highway where nobody think the speed limit is so low. The bridge have turned into a gold mine for union county and the city of elizabeth, tickets are issue in a hurry because they get too many drivers.

State Highway rte 1nb and sb near State Route 1&9

Elizabeth, New JerseyOct 09, 20080 Comments

The speed limit is 40mph. County Police enforces heavy for drag racers, possible dwi and speeders. Drivers ticketed for 30 miles over limit. It is a 5 point ticket

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