Lambertville, New Jersey Speed Traps

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US 202

Lambertville, New JerseyApr 27, 20100 Comments

If you are traveling south on 202 just about to cross the brigde to enter PA
there is a strech of 202 that is just farmland there is a state patrolman hideing up on a hill wacthing mainly southbound traffic you can not see him unless you are traveling north on 202 i have only seen them sit there around rush hour pm

State Highway 202 near From Rt 202/31 split, until Lamertville/Stockton exit

Lambertville, New JerseyJun 20, 20080 Comments

I travel through that area each day and see someone pulled over more than 50% of the time. Even knowing that I got pulled over two weeks ago. I asked the officer if I did something wrong. He said no, he just wanted to see if I had any problems with my truck. After about a 40 minute inspection he determined that I was missing a mud flap, one of the little lights on the top of the cab had a bulb out and my insurance card was expired (my policy renewed on 6/1 and I hadn’t received the new card yet). I got tickets for all of those things!

State Route 29 near Main Street

Lambertville, New JerseyNov 24, 20070 Comments

Rt.29 north just after the light in Lambertville, NJ the cop waits for you to go up the hill. The bottom of the hill is 35mph and when you reach the top it is 50mph. He pulls you over at the top and tells you that he caught you going over 35 at the bottom. 3 points and about $200.00.

State Route 29 near State Route 29

Lambertville, New JerseyJun 08, 20070 Comments

The length of Rte 29 from I-95 to Rte 202. If you are going 5 miles over the limit, you will be stopped and ticketed, no excuses. If you choose to go to court as most people do in Lambertville, you will pay $150 to avoid points on your license. A money maker for local reinformcemnt.

State Highway 29

Lambertville, New JerseyMar 09, 20060 Comments

Lambertville police frequently operate a radar trap day on Rt. 29 at the south end of town where the speed limit is 40 and the road condition allows safe travel at higher speeds. They hide in the parking lot of an antique shop where you can see them because of a curve and some bushes. Just south of this point, the road necks down from 4 to 2 lanes and the limit changes to 45. They mainly target southbound traffic and will be out any time of the day or night.

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