Lodi, New Jersey Speed Traps

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Savoie Street to Route 46W

Lodi, New JerseyApr 08, 20120 Comments

Officers park on the grass near the BP Gas Station. They hide behind a telephone poll and step out into the highway to order you over. YOU MUST COMPLETELY stop exactly at the stop sign or within 5 feet of it or else they will give you a ticket. If you come to a complete stop past 5 feet to get a complete view of Route 46 traffic on your left they will still pull you over.

Rt. 46 & Main St. off overpass

Lodi, New JerseyAug 14, 20100 Comments

A State Trooper hides behind truck & steps out every once in a while. I got pulled over for not stopping at the sign, which was a block away. He told me to fight it in court. It is a Kangaroo Court. If you plead "Not Guilty" they force you to sit all day from before 9:00 A.M. untill 4:00 P.M. when an officer is availble. Or just plead Guilty Pay A Fine of lesser value & no points.
I was forced to pay ONLY "$80.00". On my way home I was involved in a Head-On Collision with a drunk driver, W/many D.W.I.’s, A Revolked License, on his wife’s insurance. Of course he got away once more. I asked Motor Vehicles how do you get him off the road. Their answer was – "You can’t, he has to KILL someone first". This law has to change. I am now Disabled for the rest of my life. We need to get people like him OFF THE ROAD. By the way, this location is now under construction.

Union Street near Lodi Housing Auth.

Lodi, New JerseySep 24, 20080 Comments

Police car parked in plain site facing West just past VFW Hall and church.

Interstate 80 near Exit Number 62

Lodi, New JerseyJun 22, 20060 Comments

Located about 1/2 mile from the last exit on Route 80 East (Not espress towards GWB) that lets you merge onto Route 17 South towards hasbrouck heights. Unmarked/Marked state police monitor traffic going eastbound. They tend to sit right near the overpass that you would take coming off either direction on Route 80 to get to the Lodi/Saddle Brook via Essex street. They only sit in that area in the very early morning. I’ve seen them almost every time around 5am and especially on a Saturday or Sunday.

State Route 17 North near Essex Street

Lodi, New JerseyJan 10, 20050 Comments

Going up Route 17 (North) right at the Essex St. exit is always a Bergen County Police officer (sometimes 2-3). He’s sitting on the island and pulling over vehicles who cross over the solid line (From the right lane to the left lane). The problem? That’s where Rte. 17 merges from a 3 lane highway to a 2 lane highway and the dashed line (for the right lane) turns into a solid line for people who are exiting. Because traffic slow down trememdously in that area the officer can pick out the car he wants. He normally has abour 5-6 pulled over at once before he starts getting info and writing tickets. Don’t feel to special if you’re driving a certain vehicle. I’ve seen vehicles from 18-wheelers to motorcycles pulled over.

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