Trenton, New Jersey Speed Traps

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Route 1 North (Brunswick Circle Exit)

Trenton, New JerseyDec 09, 20090 Comments

Exit is posted with three 35MPH signs on its downhill run. Unmarked car
sits at bottom of exit. Pursuit cars are near the circle.

Parkway Ave & Latona Ave

Trenton, New JerseyAug 27, 20090 Comments

There are plenty of Ewing Township cops patrolling on Parkside Avenue and all along Olden Avenue. Watch for them as you get off Exit 2 of I-95 as the speed drops from 65 to 40.

Interstate 95 (Where S/N Split Off)

Trenton, New JerseyJul 20, 20090 Comments

This is on Interstate 95. usually during busy hour, morning commutes/evening commutes and occasionally after hours or on weekends/nights you will catch a trooper sitting here monitoring traffic. They usually shoot X band, sometimes Ka band radar if you have a detector but this is an easy spot to se them from a good distance anyway (north bound). Anyway, if traveling North passed this spot, my advice is if following any cars, look for tail-lights up ahead, if none you are good to keep on flying through here. If your are headed south and coming up upon this location you cannot see them until you are passing them which is why the monitor the 95 southbound lanes a good amount and get many people (its very hidden and they use instant on here a lot) So anyway this is a heavily policed area on the interstate (usually a cop there 75% of times I pass this and I drive it say 4x a week back and forth and do so all year. Its on of their favorites 😉

Pennington Ave Southbound between Trenton City and Ewing Township

Trenton, New JerseyJul 20, 20020 Comments

Trenton City Police set the speed trap up just inside the Trenton City line boundary between Ewing Township and Trenton City on Rt31 South(Pennington Ave). As you travel southward out of Ewing at 35mph on Parkside Ave, you come to a complete stop at the intersection of parkside Ave and Rt 31 south. As you look back and forth at the North and South bound traffic flow and are attempting to negotiate the turn into the southbound flow, immediately on your right hand side is a LOWER POSTED SPEED of 25mph which can easily not be observed due to your focus on entering the southbound traffic flow safely. You then unwittingly start accelerating back to your last speed of 35mph and the moment you exceed 25mph, the radar locks in on the pre-planned speed. The Mayor of Trenton, Commissioner, Chief of Police and Court Judges all supoport this despicable type of trap but all other speed traps more for the resultant revenue generated than for any "officially" touted "safety" concerns.

Routes 129, Cass Street, Route 29

Trenton, New JerseyJan 01, 20020 Comments

N.J. D.O.C. vans and cars are often seen around here, as there is a maximum security prison downtown. I’ve sped past them before without a chase, so I’d guess they’re not in the business of writing tickets. They use an all-red light bar, with some white and yellow lights on it. However, in 3 years of driving on these roads, I have seen only a handful total of state and city police. 1 or 2 times in that time have I seen people pulled over. Despite the city’s claims, it’s fair to say that speed enforcement is lax. Be warned, as I have noticed an increased police presence here in the past few months.

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