Chittenango, New York Speed Traps

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Burger King and Route 5

Chittenango, New YorkApr 28, 20140 Comments

Lately all of the Chittenango Police have been sitting in the Burger King parking lot around 9-11 pm. The speed limit is 30 mph and many people go over that especially late at night. The police seem to be lazy these days. I was doing 41 and not even a glance, but be careful because Chittenango affectionately is known for “Ticket Tuesdays” aka they sit all Tuesday and ticket on Route 5.

Dyke Rd about 500 yds from Route 5 and Route 173

Chittenango, New YorkMar 24, 20110 Comments

This trap is located midway between Route 173 and Route 5 intesection and Kathy St. There is a filled in area on the East side where the police sit waiting for speeders.

State Route Rte 5 near High School

Chittenango, New YorkJul 01, 20081 Comments

Coming into the village eastbound there is a grade and the speed limit aburptly goes from 40 to 30. 2/3s of the way down the grade the local cops sit in the high school entrance with their "smoking guns:, LOL, and give you NO leeway.

Tuscaroura Road near Tomtom Road

Chittenango, New YorkMay 05, 20080 Comments

cops sit almost anywhere on the road but most often are shooting west bound traffic from the driveway of an empty State youth home.

State Route 5 near Old State Route 5

Chittenango, New YorkMay 19, 20050 Comments

Long stretch of single-lane road passes through several towns with a speed limit ranging from 30mph to 55mph. Can be aggrevating when there is no passing zones for several towns. There is a short 2-lane passing zone just outside the village, and many people use this as an oportunity to finally get by certain vehicles.

Unfortunatly everybody’s natural reaction is to go somewhat faster up that hill. This means a car that travels at 45mph everywhere else, may exceed 60-65mph on this hill. In order to get by the car before the inevitable slowdown on the other side of the hill…speeds in excess of 65mph may be required.

State Police sit at one of 3 spots at the top of the hill, so be sure to slow down before you crest the hill:

1) In the parking lot of the old resturaunt on the south side of the road. This position will get you before the crest.

2) Back up "old route 5", so they’re seing you well after the crest, just after it turns to one lane again.

3) On route 5, sitting on the opposite sholder, facing traffic. This one will hit you just as you crest the hill.

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