Mount Morris, New York Speed Traps

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Main Street

Mount Morris, New YorkMay 24, 20180 Comments

I was driving down Route 408 and the speed suddenly changed from 55 to 25 with no warning. There was a cop waiting in the driveway. He pulled out and gave me a ticket for going 26.3 in a 25 zone. Crazy speed trap.

On Main St in Village of Mount Morris going north

Mount Morris, New YorkSep 02, 20140 Comments

The speed limit drops from 55mph to 45mph to 30mph in a very short distance. I am not from this area and was using my navigation to travel to Canada. The speed limit is set so low only to trap tourists passing through the area. There isn’t enough distance to slow down without moderate braking.

I was doing 35 when I passed the 30mph sign and was still slowing down when a SUV with high beams and fog lamps (on a clear night none the less – too bad you can’t ticket cops who aren’t following the rules) on started tailgating me. I let off the brake because I didn’t want to have a rear end collision and after 20 seconds, I am pulled over by the SUV who is revealed to be a cop. This happened at 2am in the night. I got a ticket for 1110A which is failure to obey traffic signs and ended up with a $193 fine ($100 fine + $93 surcharge!). And then the cop takes a U turn and is out of there faster than I can blink. He was definitely going faster than I was!

I was driving on roads with continuous 65mph and 55mph for past 5 hours! Then the nav takes you through a 30mph area? That is unexpected especially at 2am at night.

I would have fought the ticket but thought this was not worth a 13 hr round trip and attorney (probably still wouldn’t have won considering this is a trap). Maryland only has points reciprocity for major offenses like DUI. But still will show up on driving record, so could affect insurance.

Interstate 390 Northbound near Just past Exit 6 Northbound

Mount Morris, New YorkDec 19, 20070 Comments

2 spots. One under exit 6 bridge. The second one is very tricky. It is just after exit 6. They park under the Pioneer rd bridge. They drive up the hill and they have a 4 foot space under the bridge where they have a unobstructed 1/5 mile view. They do laser. You can not see them till it is too late. Northbound only. See them there mostly Friday afternoons 5-8 pm.

State Route 36 – Main St. near State Route 408

Mount Morris, New YorkOct 24, 20070 Comments

Police cruise up and down Rt. 36 with mobile radar, writing up anyone over unrealistic 30 mph limit on state route that is almost empty of traffic. Officer was positively giddy, saying "We have all this state money that we have to use up on speed enforcement or we will lose it. We use it to stop all the traffic taking the short route between the Interstate highways." That would be Interstates 390 and 490.

State Highway 36 near South of where Rt. 36 turns right in the town of Mt. Morris

Mount Morris, New YorkApr 26, 20052 Comments

Speed limit going through Mt. Morris, NY is 30 mph. South of town, one can see a 45 mph sign. I was stopped before I got to the sign going 45 mph.

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