Westbury, New York Speed Traps

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Northern State Parkway Westbound Exit 37 after LIE Overpass

Westbury, New YorkJan 10, 20130 Comments

State Troopers are suddenly on the hunt in January 2013: Northern State Parkway Westbound Exit 37: State Trooper car with laser gun on right grass area just after LIE overpass- pulls cars over into exit 37 rest stop or shoulder. Recommendation: slow down before this area and through at least exit 31. Lots of state trooper cars seen in early 2013 in this area both westbound and eastbound. Or be prepared to challenge laser calibration/accuracy in court. Because of lots of speeding traffic in this area, it may be difficult for troopers to target only one car, measure it accurately and pull over the targeted car in a matter of seconds. But Troopers will pull over last car in speeding group or other "easy pickings" betting that driver will just plead guilty to avoid the hassle of court. 99.9% of cars speed at over 70 MPH on this 55 MPH parkway, so when it’s randomly "your turn" to be clocked, you will be pulled over, unless of course you just stay in right lane and set your cruise control to below 65 MPH, even though all other cars will be at 70-80 MPH flying by you. Didn’t seen this many troopers in 2012. If you try to move with the flow of traffic, your luck will eventually run out and you’ll be clocked and ticketed essentially at random, because they can’t stop everyone.

Stratford drive and Salisbury park drive

Westbury, New YorkApr 29, 20120 Comments

Stratford drive and Salisbury park drive on sunday mornings, two or three highway patrols have been handing out there county tickets to people going to church.. in the mornings for the lack of anything else to do.

After Exit 32- Under Overpass

Westbury, New YorkJan 28, 20100 Comments

Right after the onramp behind the overpass where people have talked about there is another overpass. I saw a trooper sitting in the shade under the overpass in the right shoulder lane just waiting. Be aware if you dont see the trooper in the usual spot on the grass there still could be one under the overpass completely hidden.

Northern State Pkwy. Near Exit 31 Onramp

Westbury, New YorkJan 14, 20100 Comments

There is a large onramp with a grass area in between right after an overpass where the State Troopers like to sit. You won’t see it until it’s too late if you’re flying.

Nothern State Parkway near Post Avenue

Westbury, New YorkDec 18, 20070 Comments

Just east of the Post Ave. trooper sits off the entrance ramp in bushes.

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