Higginsport, Ohio Speed Traps

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U.S. 52 city limits

Higginsport, OhioJan 03, 20230 Comments

Cameras take photos of alleged speeding as limit goes from 55 to 35 at town limits. Citations are issued weeks after the infraction coming from a return address in the State of Maryland. Fines are to be paid to a P.O. Box in Cleveland and cannot be sent by registered mail. Camera/LIDAR calibration appears to be quite a bit off and in favor of the village. Significantly. Police phone number is not answered when questions arise. Time between alleged offense and citation being issued hints at research into where recorded plate is from and creative fining taking place thereafter. This is a very questionable revenue generator for the Brown County municipality.

U.S. 52

Higginsport, OhioMay 23, 20220 Comments

Traveling through Higginsport with my 2 teenage children discussing with them that you have to be very cautious here as they will write you a ticket for going 2 miles over the speed limit. So, I obviously was traveling at posted speed limit or less. 2 miles out of town (west) an emergency vehicle comes up behind me with lights flashing. I tell my children “I have to pull over to let this guy around me.” To my utter surprise he pulls in behind me, acts like a complete jerk, and writes me a ticket for 10mph faster than he even proclaimed I was traveling.
It goes on….
I decide the cheapest option in my life is to just mail the the payment (theft as far as I’m concerned).
6 months later I receive a letter telling me my license is suspended for non payment. What???? This is still going on??? How can littleĀ  Higginsport get away with stealing money from motorist’s??? How do we stop them? It’s ridiculous.

US Highway 52

Higginsport, OhioMar 18, 20220 Comments

Going through town driving my car and my husband was following me in his truck. I was going 35 and I am heading west with my husband in the rearview mirror. I go around the last bend and my husband was not behind me. I turned around as I thought he broke down. Nope he was pulled over and ticketed for going 48 in a 35. If he was going that fast he would have ran over me. They are the highest costing ticket around. Oh good luck getting ahold of them. There is a box you can drop off your check at the firehouse. You can give a credit card over the phone but again good luck getting ahold of someone and they charge you $8 on top of the high priced ticket. Err we are always so careful going through there before and now even more so.

US 52

Higginsport, OhioAug 28, 20180 Comments

Police Department uses LIDAR Dragon Cams and has a speed camera set up in the middle of the village on US 52. Tickets will come in the mail weeks later to the vehicle’s owner. Frequently sits at the corp limits on the East and West sides of town lidaring people. Small town with no real source of revenue except for the speed trap.

US Highway U.S. 52 near City Limits

Higginsport, OhioSep 09, 20070 Comments

Speed Reduces from 55 to 35 and is patrolled heavily

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