Monroeville, Ohio Speed Traps

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300 block on Monroe St (SR547) heading E

Monroeville, OhioNov 28, 20220 Comments

This speed trap captures drivers using a traffic camera only. Camera is 160 feet from 35 mph sign on town border. (GPS coordinates approx. 41°14’29.8″N 82°42’42.7″W). Camera takes picture 274 ft. from 35 mph sign. Camera takes another picture 0.2 seconds later at the same speed. Then it takes a third picture 1 second later with no speed indicated. (Assuming this is because the cars are slowing down to legal speed by this time.) There is also a video of the event. It is a total approximately 2.94 seconds. Calculating the distance between the 1st picture, which calculated my speed at 50 and the last picture, which didn’t have a speed indicated, my speed by the third picture was 34.0909 mph. Therefore, the camera, which is a short distance from the speed limit sign captured me as I was slowing down to the legal speed. In addition, this speed trap goes against several Ohio laws. The first law requires a law enforcement present at the time of the ticket. There was no law enforcement officer present. In addition, I received a ticket by mail 16 days after the first event and 17 days after the second event. If there was a law enforcement officer present, I would have been aware of the speed trap and slowed down ahead of time the second time I drove through this area. Secondly, Ohio law states that municipalities must have a posted sign saying that a photo-monitoring device is present at the location within 300 feet of the town boundary or the camera. There is no such sign. Please be aware and fight the ticket. This camera is present to collect money, not to prevent accidents.

US 20 & East Brooklyn Hts on US 20.

Monroeville, OhioApr 26, 20190 Comments

This is a speed camera on US 20, West bound approaching East Brooklyn Heights Rd. 10 mph and over gets you a ticket in the mail.


Monroeville, OhioOct 17, 20180 Comments

Traveling south in this little village on Sandusky St ( US-20) near Baker, as you crest the hill at normal speed and head down to the stop sign, the local police will tag you. No mercy if you have out of state plates.

Village of Monroeville. Sandusky St at Baker St

Monroeville, OhioAug 28, 20180 Comments

As you crest a hill in the village and start descending towards the traffic light, there is a sudden change in speed limit. I was nailed for 50 on a 35. Out of state plates, no prior record, no mercy, cop with an attitude, laser tag. This is how this insignificant town rounds up the budget. Sort of like Brice (look it up).

North St/Peru Center Rd

Monroeville, OhioOct 05, 20100 Comments

Police will sit at the entrance to Marsh Field or sit at the house next to the new development and wait for travelers coming into town. Watch for the right hand turn signal also they will nail you.

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