Wakeman, Ohio Speed Traps

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Anywhere in the city

Wakeman, OhioSep 22, 20100 Comments

The city of Wakeman’s income mostly likely comes from speeding tickets. There is no crime in this city so the police department have nothing better to do. They watch everyone in that city. You want to make sure you are going the speed limit, especially around the curve on US Highway 20, which is 45mph, and once you get to the police station, its 35mph. Your best detour around this city is just going straight once your on 20 and go out State Route 303. Highway patrol does not radar on St. Rt. 303 so i would suggest going this way instead of through the city.

Rt. 20

Wakeman, OhioJul 04, 20100 Comments

The police sit in the St. Mary’s church parking lot and also at the Friendship gas station on the outskirts of town.
If you get pulled and you are not speeding; stand your ground! I have done this (and since I have a radar detector & a CDL) I point-blank told the offocer he was a liar. My detector never went off, there was lots of traffic and he couldn’t know for sure who *thought* he got on radar (he never used it and he was “busted”). No ticket was issued. If I am guilty I will take my lumps. If not, I stand my ground.
Years ago they even wanted to physically keep my driver’s license. They said I was a “non-resident.” I asked what they were talking about. I live in the same (Huron) county that Wakeman is located in and and am a resident of Ohio. What more do they want from me? Must I also live in Wakeman?? I stated that I was on my way to Cleveland and would need his phone number so he could be available all night to verify who I was and of legal drinking age so I could be served adult beverages, since he was planning on keeping my license. He relented at that and gave my license back to me. He did issue a ticket and I paid the speed violation as I was guilty.

leaving town going east

Wakeman, OhioMay 06, 20100 Comments

when i was leaving town past the 55mph sign i excelarated to 51mph was stoped and ticketed i ask why the officer explaned i excelarated to fast as i left town has happend to other family members as well i know what you are thinking i had reasons not to have a argument with the officer at this time still can not belive i was ticketed for doing 51 in a 55mph area cant wait to get stoped for doing 51 in a 55mph area again so i can face the officer in court so he can explain his self

Entire City of Wakeman

Wakeman, OhioMay 04, 20100 Comments

It is true that the City of Wakeman’s income comes from handing out tickets and it is not just for speeding. Several things to watch for if you must drive through Wakeman – they look for people who speed up ‘before’ they get ‘PAST’ the increased speed limit sign, for people who do not notice the decrease in speed limit, for people traveling over the speed limit and for people who do not slow down at the curve – note that coming from one direction you are to slow down to 20 mph and coming from the other you are to slow down to 25 mph. They hide in about every nook and cranny you can think of within the city. It is EXTREMELY important that you pay attention to every sign, know every law and abide by them while driving through Wakeman. Don’t drive with your brights on, make sure your lights and wipers on are during rain, make sure your lights are on for an hour after dawn and an hour before dusk. Check your lights, blinkers, even licenses plate lights. If possible, just avoid driving through Wakeman, Ohio – take Route 18 instead of Route 20. The State Highway Patrol does monitor Route 18, so stay close to the speed limit.

Hyde Road near City Limit

Wakeman, OhioAug 03, 20080 Comments

Entering city from the north on Hyde Road. Police sit behind wall and point radar at city limits. As you make slowing down for a very lightly traveled rural road they ticket you. Speed drops from 45 to 25 as you cross into city. As a result of 92$ ticket for burying up the road at 39mph. I will no longer shop at Wakeman business’ or purchase gas in their city. I’m sure the money from speed trap tickets is enough to cover it.

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