Bokchito, Oklahoma Speed Traps

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Last Hill East Side Facing West

Bokchito, OklahomaJan 15, 20100 Comments

Town with a population under 1000, located on Hwy. 70 between Durant and Boswell, OK. Cops like to hide just behind the last hill on the east side facing west. There is a school zone that is poorly marked but that seems to be a real moneymaker in municipal court.

Between Bokchito to just east of Bennington

Bokchito, OklahomaDec 12, 20090 Comments

Between Bokchito to just east of Bennington on H.W 70. Early morning or late night mostly. Near Banty Road or Cade Highway. He waits with lights off, somtimes right on the road.

US Highway 70 near State Highway 22

Bokchito, OklahomaJul 20, 20080 Comments

They sit in the dark with the local sheriffs department and talk until you come by speeding. You cant see anything until the lights come on and they already have you.

US Highway 70, between Hugo and Durant

Bokchito, OklahomaMay 10, 20020 Comments

Bokchito is your typical small town, actually just a wide spot in the road, and they have realized that traffic citations are an easy way to support their city budget. The officers will claim you were speeding, or stop you for any reason at all, such as a defective license plate light, then write you a citation. Their municipal/traffic court is presided over by an attorney from another city, and he is paid by the City of Bokchito for his services. Even if you plead not guilty you won’t have much of a chance for justice in this court, because the judge only gets paid if he continues to generate revenue for the city. The police department doesn’t even have radar calibration records on hand for the "trials". The judge will issue a verdict of guilty on the word of the police officer alone. If you get a ticket here and know that you are not guilty and choose to fight it be prepared to pay an attorney to defend you, otherwise you may as well forget it. If you have any alternate route whatsoever it is in your best interest to bypass Bokchito!

Highway 70W/70E and Highway 22S

Bokchito, OklahomaApr 01, 20011 Comments

On both of these highways, the police patrol both inside and outside the city limits. The city limits are whenever you hit the 35mph speed limit sign on all sides, after you hit a 45mph you are out of the limits. The often sit at a little gas station at the bottom of the hill as you are traveling inside the town, there are approximately 39 yards between the 45mph sign and the 35 mph sign. As you are exiting the town he might be sitting on top of the hill at another gas station. If you are leaving town going 70E, he will follow you out of town to get you and state that he clocked you going 45+ in a 35, which in most cases is untrue, he actually clocked you when you hit the 45mph sign. If you get a ticket on this side of town he will state that the location you were pulled over is Davis and Main, that is the last or first road (depending on which way you are going) in the town. When he patrols highway 22, he sits in someones driveway (which by the way is located outside of city limits, known fact, I know the family). They prey on out of towners so please beware. They have just placed a new sign up stating that the speed limit is 25mph unless otherwise posted, so keep your eyes open and be alert when going through there.

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