Calera, Oklahoma Speed Traps

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Highway 69/75

Calera, OklahomaMar 05, 20200 Comments

After going through all the reviews here I can say it seems intentional and happening from past 20 years (Maybe More). I got a speeding ticket for driving 70 at 55 mph. it was 65 mph when I am driving at 70, even before I realized it was 55 and cop tracked me. I told him the warning sign was not visible in night light and I slowed down even before cop gave me ticket.Beware its a speed trap and Cash cow.

Hwy 69 going south past Choctaw Casino at N. McKinley Ave.

Calera, OklahomaOct 29, 20180 Comments

Going south 69 Hwy. 65 mph going toward Choctaw Casino. Stoplight intersection 65 mph, slight bend in highway, massive amounts of traffic, 1/2 mile down the road, suddenly, speed limit sign 55 mph, 10 feet from that is a radar speed sign with a cop on a motorcycle hiding behind it. There is not enough time to react to the speed limit before the cop has nailed you. I was in the left lane, semi trucks in the right blocking my view of any speed limit signs. Looked over, saw speed sign flashing so many numbers, so quickly because of the heavy traffic, I began to slow down as everyone else was, but I got nailed. Never did see the speed limit sign. There was only one, my view was blocked to semi trucks. They should have one on the left side as well going thru there. But, it is a a speedtrap to generate revenue and that’s what they do. $262.50 later for a 71 mph in a 65 mph then to a sudden 55 mph. Intentional trickery.

Hwy 75 as you get into Calera, OK

Calera, OklahomaJun 02, 20120 Comments

We stayed at casino in Durant for 3 nights. Every day traveling round trip back to Sherman TX. On every trip there was 1 or 2 pulled over on I-75 where the speeds drops to 55 mph. According to locals this town is a "cash cow" for the out of state traveler. This town is a SPEED TRAP…BEWARE

Highway 69/75

Calera, OklahomaFeb 26, 20120 Comments

I work in Texas and every night on my way home there is a squad car waiting in the same spot, right across from the Calera golf course. According to research that you have done, a speed trap is defined as consistent radaring in the same location, especially when the speed limit drops significantly in that area. I was given a $200 dollar citation for speeding in this location. I was speeding so I do deserve a ticket, however this is obviously a speed trap and I absolutely believe that if you have out of state tags, you will be targeted! I would also like to know why good citizens, that don’t pose any harm to the community, are the individuals that always get penalized? Last night when I wad going through Calera, a truck was trying to rear end me and run me off the road, so I called the police and guess what, they didn’t receive anything! Someone please justify that one for me! Calera police department is not the greatest police department in the world so whoever said that obviously is associated with them. What a joke!

U.S. Highway 75 North

Calera, OklahomaDec 28, 20094 Comments

I was coming into the city of Calera on U.S. Highway 75 North when I was being trailed by a camouflaged car with its lights on. Mind you my cruise had been set on 65 mph since coming from Sherman Texas. The cop followed for about four minutes before he pulled me over to say, “Ma’am my partner clocked you going 82 in a 70.” The funny thing is that if I was going 82 and I had two cars in front of me supposedly going the right speed why didn’t I run them over or pass them? And, because his good friend would not come and show me the scanner saying I was speeding, I am stuck with $360.00 worth of fines. How is that for some nice easy pocket change for that small city. The casino and Durant hospital (where I was going to) is right there so the town makes its money from trapping cars from out of state as a forceful method to get money. All three cars that I saw pulled over behind me had Texas tags.

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