Catoosa, Oklahoma Speed Traps

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Hwy 66 Eastbound just prior to Verdigris River Bridge-

Catoosa, OklahomaSep 06, 20110 Comments

Hwy 66 Eastbound, several mile OUT of podunkburg Catoosa, the 4 lane state hwy 66 has a 55 mph. Suddenly, as you start up the hill just before the Verdigris river bridge, the speed limit drops to 35. This is so stupid because one would almost have to do brake screeching emergency tactics to comply with the 20 mph speed reduction while trying to get to the top of the hill. As soon you top the hill, if you are over 35, there will be a city Barney poised in between the 4 lanes which are now down to 2 lanes and only 1 bridge ( W bound bridge completely out of commision due to construction). Not only is this area a state hwy, rural locale but whoever heard of slowing down 20 mph on a 4 lane while trying to crest a hill? Watch out, they are watching for You!

State Highway 66 near will rogers Turnpike

Catoosa, OklahomaDec 13, 20071 Comments

this trap is heading northeast on 66, they try to get people leaving the casino in Catoosa. I never saw the 45 mph sign on this 4 lane divided hiway. There are a few business there, but they are not leanient. The price of the ticket isnt bad, but i assumed 55-60mph for the conditions. I was going 60, $88 ticket.

State Highway 66 near Will Rogers Turnpike

Catoosa, OklahomaNov 27, 20070 Comments

About 2 miles east of where the Will Rogers Turnpike separates from State Highway 66 going east through Catoosa, the speed limit is lowered to 40 MPH, this is a 4 lane divided highway. At the end of the speed zone, there is a hill and that’s where the police wait, with their radar, to get a vehicle speeding up coming down the hill. I was ticketed doing 55 MPH "coming down the hill" in a 40 MPH speed zone. This is no more than a half mile before the speed limit is posted at 50 MPH. Going to court over this ticket, I found almost half of those there where ticketed in the same area. Also, if you plead ‘not guilty’ or ‘no contest’ you do not get your case heard then, you have to come back a 2nd time. If you are found guilty at that hearing, you will pay an extra $39.00 to $169.00, over and above the original fine.

Admiral Street near 193rd Street

Catoosa, OklahomaSep 19, 20050 Comments

Eastbound on Admiral east of 193rd is posted as 35 mph.
However, since that intersection is always congested, one
is tempted to speed away when given the chance. It is a
downhill with trees obscuring the overhead view. When you
get to the bottom of the hill, the police cars will be sitting at the top of the next hill. It seems like you’re
leaving town and entering a rural area but be aware that
technically, you’re not. They work this area often.

Interstate 44 near 193 E. Ave Overpass

Catoosa, OklahomaDec 26, 20040 Comments

Sits on shoulder just east of overpass working east bound traffic with his rear antenna.

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