Dewey, Oklahoma Speed Traps

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1400 Road in the first mile east of HWY 75

Dewey, OklahomaMay 07, 20180 Comments

Washington County Sheriffs department is now almost daily hiding on this road and usually set in one of the industrial business parking lots. Central States Printing had no light on the North end of the building and a big tree that shades the parking lot that they use constantly making them very hard to see. Taxation without representation at it finest. With 1000s of unsolved burglaries, robberies, shootings, and even murder this is the way that WCSO has chosen to utilize your tax dollars.

Downtown on highway 75 in front of school.

Dewey, OklahomaApr 08, 20130 Comments

During the school day when kids are in school, the speed limit on the 4 lane highway is 25 mph. Two patrolman hide and catch drivers and if you are driving between one to ten miles over the 25 limit the fine is $199. Unbelievable speed trap.

1st pl. and hwy 75(osage)

Dewey, OklahomaAug 22, 20110 Comments

The speed limit going south on hwy 75 goes from 35mph to 45 mph near 1st pl which is just a half road as it doesn’t intersect the hwy. I was stopped 1.5 miles south of 1st. pl. The officer said sorry it took me so long to get to you. After taking my license and insurance came back said you were going 49 in a 35 and said I’m giving you a ticket for general speeding it’ll save you $30. The ticket was $128. I have a clean record. Pled not guilty, returned for hearing where acting judge said he would be the jury (and prosecutor). I asked officer why it took him so long to get to me, he said he had to pull out into traffic. He also said I was the only car around when he clocked me. Judge said speed limit changes at the sign, in a line perpendicular to the road and cops can travel 90 mph in pursuit. It wasn’t me because I was in traffic, and wasn’t going 49. Judge said could you have been going 36? “I could have or I may have been going 34.” Then by your own admission you are guilty of general speeding, I’ll lower your fee to $100. If you want to appeal it, you’ll have to go to district court. And it will cost you a lot more said the court reporter. Officer has a record of speeding and has been seen numerous times speeding up and down the hwy with lights on .

State Highway 75 near Conoco Station North Side of town

Dewey, OklahomaOct 15, 20070 Comments

Speed goes from 65 to 55 to 45 to 35 within 2 miles or less. Very common to get caught if you let your car cruise to lower speed. Braking is required.

9th Street near Catholic Church

Dewey, OklahomaAug 06, 20070 Comments

Coming in or going out of Dewey via 9th Street there is more than likely a policeman sitting up in the Catholic church parking lot or Mission Street. They like to sit there in the dark. The speed limit on 9th street up to the county road is 25mph. I have to take my foot off the gas peddle to keep that speed. I got ticketed at midnight one night. I was the only car on the road and was going 30mph. It was about an 80 dollar ticket. I’ve seen them there night and day and have heard from many people that they have been stopped there.

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