Verden, Oklahoma Speed Traps

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On Highway 62 next to the crosswalks

Verden, OklahomaJan 12, 20230 Comments

Police park their car on the property just a few feet off the road right in front of the crosswalk. Students will stand on the sidewalk until a car approaches then step up and push the crosswalk button. By time you see the police car then check your speed you are less than 20 feet from the crosswalk. Even if you slammed on your brakes you would still be across the crosswalk. Then the lights roll and your ticketed, no tolerances at all. Go to the church (yup they bought the building and bricked up the windows for the city offices) and ask to pay the fine. Sit down or hold onto your wallet tight because the fine will be the highest in Oklahoma, $360 for the fine and if you use a credit card they tack on another fine for processing of $17.?? that you are not told about until they have charges your card. There are no posted fine schedules or notice of additional fees anywhere on the premises. Verden has the lowest numbers for average income, housing costs, building costs, education levels and many more categories, but the highest costs for traffic fines. Go figure! The only thing Verden has going for it is Vivian’s restaurant, supposed to be good food, if you can still afford it after paying the city for the troll (toll) tax to get into the city. If at all possible I would suggest you bypass Verden or go 10 under the speed limit and stop at the crosswalk even if nobody is present. Good luck!

entire town

Verden, OklahomaJun 20, 20120 Comments

No tolerance for speeding, and arrogant police. We always drive below speed limit in this town. Also, anyone who has dark tinted windows is targeted. The officer will write you a ticket AND make you peel it off your windows or he will take your car key and scratch it up and make it look terrible to "make you peel it off" I always keep mine rolled down when passing through.

State Highway 62

Verden, OklahomaAug 09, 20070 Comments

Speed limits are strictly enforced. Speed zones change quickly as you approach town and if you are not going the speed posted by the time you reach the sign, you will get a ticket. It’s a no-tolerance area all through town. Verden has been well-known for this activity for decades.

State Highway 62 near US Highway 62

Verden, OklahomaAug 01, 20070 Comments

especially monitored during school hours

US Highway 62 near school Crossing

Verden, OklahomaNov 09, 20040 Comments

from one end of this little town to another .. speed drops off rapidly and there he sits. also watch out for the school zones even when school isnt in session!

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