Uxbridge, Ontario Speed Traps

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Ravenshoe Road – Udora Area

Uxbridge, OntarioApr 05, 20100 Comments

I travel this road daily to and from work and WOW! this has got to be the biggest cash grab ever!! I see many motorists pulled over. If you are traveling east on Ravenshoe from Durham Rd 23 the speed changes from 80km to 70km within 600 feet then to 50km at the bottom of the hill where the radar is at the top of the hill for waiting you or they are tucked in the first side street on the right hand side. Caution to all drivers as this road has many more traps all the way to Woodbine and many unmarked cop cars are up and down this road everyday.

I see that people are just driving to or from work like myself where is the justice in nailing them for that !!

Highway 47 (Toronto St)

Uxbridge, OntarioApr 02, 20100 Comments

This Trap is set up, Just behind the New Shoppers Drug mart. In the back service entrance. when traveling south it is impossible to see them. Beware.

Regional Rd 13 Leaksdale

Uxbridge, OntarioMar 24, 20100 Comments

From what I can recall, travelling westbound the officer is tucked in on the left hand side on a street or road. The speed goes from an 80 km to 50km. I am not from this area and was travelling home from the Haliburton area. Weeks later when travelling home again we purposely went by the same spot to see what we had missed and sure enough after the 80 is two 50 signs, the officer was parked across from the second. I had been travelling in a line of traffic with cars in front and behind me, he flagged out myself and two others behind me. He said I was travelling at 86 km, which is okay for an 80 zone but not a 50. I and my passenger had missed the signs and I had no idea why I was being pulled over. Very odd that the car in front of me was not pulled over since I was about 2 cars lengths behind it. When I politely asked why, he was a bit abrupt so I said no more. He is the law officer I am not going to upset him. But I have questioned the speed he said I was going, no matter I would still have been over the 50 km. We have not gone into that area again and most likely will not, not because of the incident but we are not from the area and just like to travel different routes to see the countryside. Because of the convenience of the spot I think it is a very easy way to trap motorists.
My issue with these speed traps is that if there is a safety issue for the area then signs should be made to show this. Make drivers aware not tricked.
I may be wrong but I feel this one is a speed trap. Thank you.

Davis Drive near 6th Concession Road

Uxbridge, OntarioMay 01, 20080 Comments

Trap going west on Davis Drive just before 6th Concession rd, 60 zone. Then over and down the hill, you will find another one.

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