Arlington, Oregon Speed Traps

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Median on I-84 going up the hill at Arlington

Arlington, OregonJun 23, 20120 Comments

My daughter was driving alone when she was pulled over for speeding 106 in a 70 mile speed zone. I have a 2004 Malibu that will not even go 95! I am taking the car to a licensed speedometer shop to be checked. This was again the County or city police that pulled her over. The ticket was written as 99 miles an hour. I have been through this area myself many times, and the Arlington police are famous for their speed traps!

MM 135 to 142 I-84 Eastbound

Arlington, OregonMar 29, 20120 Comments

traveling east in semi-truck with GPS technology was written a speed citation supposedly radar enforced for 82, however gps read back supported my 58mph claim. later in court, the judge ruled in my favor, citing the state trooper could not show any evidence that his radar had been calibrated within one year by any certified person to calibrate such speed measuring device. He could not make a showing that the radar device had been properly installed by certified technician…Not Guilty yet spent big bucks to appear at this obvious speed trap hearing

2 miles east of Arlington, going west bound

Arlington, OregonAug 13, 20110 Comments

Beware! I was stopped for going 82 in a 65 mph zone. I was not going 82, I had cruise set on 72 and it was working fine, as other cars were going around me. I informed her repeatedly that I was not going that speed and told her another vehicle had just passed me. She said that vehicle was clocked at 80 mph and I was doing 82 mph….and how does a car 80 mph pass a car going 82 mph??? As she handed me the ticket, she told me she did me a favor by reducing it to going over 75 mph, saving me $100. I’m still furious! I was definitely only going 72 mph, took off cruise and dropped to 70 or less as I went by her. I have only had 2 speeding tickets in my life (over 50 yrs old) and both were by Arlington, OR cops. I have only traveled through there less than 20 times in my life…figure the odds. Last time I was told I was going considerably faster than I thought I was too, but I didn’t know for sure because I was on a back road and did not have cruise control set. Since that time (5 years ago) I tip toe through that area….but they still nailed me for an unjustified ticket – $192. How does a person fight it???

I-84 at Mileposts 130 to 150

Arlington, OregonFeb 13, 20101 Comments

County Sheriff car with side markings but no visual light bar tends to hang out on I-84 around the 130 east bound side of a long straight away. Tends to park off the road way hugging a rock wall near the emergency lane. Willing to catch trucks as well as cars. Once in awhile parks on an overpass on ramp. I have seen him almost every Thursday mornings on this stretch of road. Sometimes shares that same overpass with the state police.

US Highway 84 East / 30

Arlington, OregonJul 07, 20080 Comments

I was stopped for traveling 77 in a 65 zone on a downhill approach near Arlington, Oregon. Fine was $244. We passed three other speed traps in short succession. My first speeding ticket in 21 years and, in my mind considering road conditions, excessive and petty.

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