Oakridge, Oregon Speed Traps

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Oakridge Oregon

Oakridge, OregonJun 03, 20121 Comments

As you approach Oakridge Oregon from the west there is a clearly marked speed reduction to 45 mph then another clearly marked reduction to 35 mph. This is a trick as the police really mean for you to slow down! I live in this city and know many locals who have been ticketed for speeding. I have travelled in excess of a million miles and have never gotten a speeding ticket by simply paying attention and using common sense. In Oakridge its a constant flow of traffic that resent our speed limit or ignore it. None cry foul louder than the guilty.

35 mph zone through town on HWY 58

Oakridge, OregonOct 06, 20100 Comments

Through most of town, the speed limit is 35 mph, even where there are limited intersections, 4 lanes, no stop signs, few pedestrian crossings. Other towns would have this at 45 or 55 mph. Classic speed trap and the cops near are local boys that are trying to make a buck for their hometown.

As you come into town on HWY 58 from the West

Oakridge, OregonOct 01, 20100 Comments

Long downhill into town. Speed signs are hard to see. I never saw one.
I was going same speed as locals. I’m told they love to ticket out of state drivers.

State Highway 58

Oakridge, OregonJul 18, 20080 Comments

Cop "hides" on road into a cemetery…….lots of shrubbery………if you follow the speeding trucks, you are not safe. The trucks are NOT stopped but the cars are.

State Route 58 near Mile Marker 36

Oakridge, OregonMar 27, 20060 Comments

Hiway goes from 55 mph to 25 mph within a few hundred yards. Local traffic, log trucks etc stay right at 25 and I saw a car get pulled over that was probably doing 30.

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