Port Orford, Oregon Speed Traps

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Port Orford, OregonAug 22, 20220 Comments

Speed goes from 55 to 25 in Very short time span after a down hill turn. Cop is waiting at gas station on the left when you are headed into town, he had his lights on before I even passed him. $160 speeding ticket. 50 in a 30. Wrote a kind letter asking for consideration-denied. This is my first speeding ticket in my 35 years driving. This is a a trap, and obviously the only income for this small town. Not cool at all!

Southbound on US101 just as you enter town

Port Orford, OregonNov 05, 20200 Comments

It is a downhill road that drops from 55 to 35mph within a very short distance. Cop was relentless and ticketed me even though I was within 5mph of the 35mph speed limit by the time I reached the first intersection in town. Cop also deliberately wrote the wrong mailing address for my ticket after I told him to use the address tied to my insurance (the address on my drivers license was not updated), therefore I never received details on how to contest the ticket.

State Highway 101 entering town from north. 42.754226, -124

Port Orford, OregonDec 20, 20170 Comments

Speed limit drops from 55 to 30 mph in about a mile with a barrage of poorly placed Orange signs (not yellow as mandated by Oregon traffic code). If you have out of town license plates and going any speed you will be pulled over and the officer will claim you’re going over 50mph regardless of whatever speed you were actually traveling. Forget about fighting the ticket as the Court is in the same building as the police and doesn’t care.

Highway 101, through the center of town

Port Orford, OregonMay 22, 20170 Comments

It’s a very long, very flat, very straight stretch of road going fairly steeply downhill, right smack dab through the center of town, and it’s just made for speed, with like three lanes in either direction, if memory serves. And at the bottom of this perfect downhill straightaway is a sharp left turn right where there’s nothing but a sheer cliff down to a breathtaking view of the ocean just past the guardrail at the end.

I’ve driven virtually all the United States, with the exception of the central Badlands, Great Lakes, and midwestern states, and this particular stretch of road is without question the worst speed trap I’ve ever seen because it’s so just built for speed while at the same time there’s some ridiculously low speed limit that may only be posted just once, if memory serves.

Hiway 101 Through town

Port Orford, OregonMay 03, 20150 Comments

Downtown Port Orford. 55mph, to 45mph to 30mph in a couple of hundred yards. No warnings, easy to miss signs. $220 ticket for doing 45 in 30.

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