Woodburn, Oregon Speed Traps

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Intersection of 99E & Hwy 214/211.

Woodburn, OregonSep 01, 20130 Comments

Starting September 1st of 2013, Red Light Cameras will be online and taking pictures/video of Red light runners. For only September of 2013, they will be only issuing ‘Warning Tickets’. Then on August 1st of 2013, they will begin to issue real fine tickets to the red light offenders.

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Woodburn Oregon ..basically the whole town

Woodburn, OregonAug 24, 20120 Comments

I have lived in Woodburn most of my life. I am 55 years old.I have never seen the level of police "activity" that I have as of late. I watched one motorcycle cop pull over probably thirty people in just a few hours yesterday as I was working out by the freeway. It appeared that there was no real pattern or reason for many of the stops. I was installing a sign on a business, so had a birds eye view of this overzealous "public servant". One factor seemed to be that most of the people pulled over were HISPANIC…perhaps the charges of racism and profiling that I have heard around town are legitimate..at least as far as this motorcycle cop is concerned. I voiced my concerns politely to the Woodburn Police Dept and was hung up on. When driving through Woodburn Oregon, just be aware that you can be pulled over for any reason, valid or not. I actually saw this guy simply pull over the next car that went by after his last victim drove off….more than once. Again, the only similarity of his stops seemed to be the color of their skin. I am ,by the way, as white as Wonder Bread…and I detest racism, especially in this town which has always been pleasantly diverse and open minded. It only takes one overzealous, racist cop to tar the image of the whole town, and create problems where there were none.

State Highway 99E near Patrick Way Street

Woodburn, OregonMar 06, 20080 Comments

Policemen on motorcycles or in patrol vehicles target both north and sounthbound traffic on the north side of Woodburn where the speed limit changes from 50 to 35 mph. They often hide in the entrance to the shopping center behind the Lenon Implement bushes, so they are hard to see for southbound traffic.

Parr Road near Hope Lutheran Church

Woodburn, OregonFeb 21, 20080 Comments

The Police Hide behind the church. They are usually parked back far enough they can’t be seen. This goes from 25mph to 20 mph school zone.

Boones Ferry Road near Dahlia Street

Woodburn, OregonDec 04, 20070 Comments

Police sit inside new housing developement (Boones Crossing) They radar Southbound down Boones Ferry Rd. through the field catching Northbound speeders. The speed limit drops to 25 right there.

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