Breezewood, Pennsylvania Speed Traps

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Breezewood, PennsylvaniaJan 21, 20150 Comments

They are clever on INTERSTATE 70 just outside of BREEZEWOOD PA. They sit on a curve in a U-TURN and wait for you to make the bend with traffic and then come flying after you at MILE MARKER 159. How do you know if you really were over the speed limit when you don’t get to see the actual radar. They say you are going much faster than you really are and then act like their GIVING you a break on the ticket by LYING on the speed they tracked you supposedly at. Then after not asking for your insurance or even asking you for a phone number they just go print off an instant ticket and come hand it to you. Keep the speed at 55 miles per hour. Not even 56 to 60. Talk about legalized highway ROBBERY! The state of Pennsylvania needs to review this situation and make a STATE ruling on this speed trap. Twenty some people cannot be wrong on this website – complaining about this situation. Advise you to take an alternate route to avoid this 22 mile section of 55 MPH turnpike. Shame on the turnpike for letting this go on for so long. Wonder where all THAT money is being pocketed! What a great scheme! AVOID THE AREA- find alternate routes!!!

West Bound on Pennsylvania Turnpike

Breezewood, PennsylvaniaJul 28, 20130 Comments

When descending the mountain west bound to Breezewood exit. State Police sit there all day and night around a bend so they can not be seen.

Westbound Pennsylvania Turnpike near Mile Marker 159

Breezewood, PennsylvaniaMay 29, 20071 Comments

A mile and a half before the Breezewood Exit on the PA Turnpike westbound (approx. mile marker 159) there is a 65%-75% chance that you will drive through a speed trap. I believe the speed limit at this time is 55mph, 10 mph less than the majority of the Turnpike.

1.5 mile East of Breezewood

Breezewood, PennsylvaniaJul 06, 20060 Comments

Pa.State Police use a Pendot pickup truck-backed into the center divider like they are working on the east bound side of Turnpike-but it is actualy State Police using radar against the west bound side coming down the hill west bound into Breezewood.Chase car is on the west bound side.I have seen this numerous times going to Harrisburg

Interstate 70 near Pennsylvania Turnpike

Breezewood, PennsylvaniaMay 19, 20042 Comments

Posted speed limit on PA Turnpike is 65; most are esily doing 70-75. Posted speed limit on I70 is 55. To get on I70 South, one must go through Breezewood; there is no ramp from the turnpike to the interstate. As you might expect, the speed trap is right at the point where you have reached your comfortable cruising speed of 70.

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