Camp Hill, Pennsylvania Speed Traps

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West Bound Route 581

Camp Hill, PennsylvaniaDec 12, 20100 Comments

West Bound Route 581 between Route 11/15 & Rt. 581 Intersection going towards the Rt. 581 and I81 split. As you pass the dummy radar drone LED traffic sign, PENNDOT has installed an indentation in the guiderail for State Police to sit. Speed limit is 55 mph and PENNDOT has signs indicating it is a targetted enforcement area. Trap has been active during both day and night.

Also past the Carlise Pike exit and at the bottom of the hill on West 581, the State Police sit behind the sound barriers. They also sit behind the hill, in the emergency responders gravel area, where you follow the South I81 split. Speed limit is 55 mph; the flow of traffic down the hill is much faster.

Carlisle Road going west from I83 exit ramp

Camp Hill, PennsylvaniaSep 09, 20100 Comments

There is a school zone on this road and Speed limit is 15 at times. Police do sit on side streets along the school area, so slow down– good idea anyway cause there are small kids around.
Also up by cemetary past the intersection of creek rd and Carlisle road police also sit on side streets. Speed limit is 35 but people often speed doing 40-45. I see people being pulled over along these two areas ALL the time.

Gettysburg Road Between Cinema Center and Fagers

Camp Hill, PennsylvaniaSep 08, 20100 Comments

The ‘officers of the law’ will sit on Lebanon Avenue and somehow manage to guage your speed. I am not sure what they use as markers, but they snag people all day long, usually on Sundays and Tuesdays from what I have seen.

They target the afternoons between 2:00 to 7:00 PM.

If you turn right off of Harztdale Drive onto Gettysburg, you will see Lebanon Avenue on your right. They like to get people from the red light down the hill. I have only seen them pull people over going from Camp Hill to Lemoyne, since that is down the hill.

Also, pulling off Hartzdale Drive is another "No Turn on Red" which is totally ridiculous since that light can be 3 minutes long if not longer during rush hour. Leave it to the wonderful Lower Allen Police Department.

State Route 15 near 21st Street

Camp Hill, PennsylvaniaJun 23, 20080 Comments

Camp Hill Police time you between the white lines pained on Rt 15 North just before you cross 21st Street (they time you going south too) using VASCAR.

They also use an ENRADD unit. Google ENRADD and find some pictures so you know what it looks like, then scan the road for an ENRADD unit while you are driving. ENRADD looks like two metal boxes; one on each side of the road. It is noticeable if you know what to look for; I saw the ENRADD unit in plenty of time to slow down and not get a ticket. I was driving on 15 North today (6.23.08) and they had one set up on 15 about 500 feet before the white lines. Camp Hill police can set this unit up anywhere so where people are likely to exceed the ridiculous 25 or 35 mph speed limit so watch out!

Camp Hill Police also pull people over for turning right on red where a "no turn on red" sign is posted. These signs are completely unreasonable during the night when there is a clear view and little or no traffic, and the police take advantage of this when they should perhaps be doing something a little more productive. They watch the signs on trindle road and market street (turning onto 15). Sometimes they sit in the Arby’s parking lot late at night.

Also, come to a complete stop at all the four way stop signs late at night. They use those to pull people over when they are fishing for DUIs. Some will actually give you a ticket for failure to stop, even though hardly anybody comes to a COMPLETE stop at these signs. Some of them specifically target young people, so keep this in mind if you are under the age of 25-30.

Market Street near US Highway Route 15

Camp Hill, PennsylvaniaAug 10, 20050 Comments

Market Street (going North on rt 15, then turn right on Market) between Rt 15 and Lemoyne has a posted speed limit of 25.

This speed limit is clearly rediculous and universally ignored. Most people go at least 35, usually 40 and sometimes 45+.

The Camp Hill Police take advantage of the situation. They spend a multitude of their time ticketing reasonable drivers while they should be doing something constructive (maybe DUI enforcement) instead. I’ve seen them sitting at Robertos parking lot and Friendly’s parking lot during the night. I think they use vascar and pacing, but im not sure. They use white lines painted near Blimpy’s as a vascar speed trap. Just keep an eye out; especially during the night. Slow down if any suspicious car is following you.

Also, Camp Hill is known for having unneccessary "No Turn on Red" signs when turning from several streets (mainly Trindle) onto Rt 15. A Camp Hill cop usually sits in Arby’s Parking Lot (along Rt 15) and enforces them late at night, when it is perfectly safe (but not legal) to turn right on red. Watch out for them, they are difficult to see in the parking lot when sitting at the light.

Another thing the Camp Hill Police do is ticket drivers for not coming to a "complete stop" on their 4-way stop signs. Two of my friends got tickets this way. It usually happens late at night. This is very hipocritical considering ive seen a Camp Hill Cop not come to a complete stop at one of these signs at least twice.

Please comment if you know any more details about their traps or their methods of speed enforcement.

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