Upper Allen Township, Pennsylvania Speed Traps

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Interstate 15 near Exit Number 114

Upper Allen Township, PennsylvaniaJun 15, 20050 Comments

The Upper Allen Police are well known for having exploitive speed traps all along Rt 15. They use vascar; and almost always clock your cars speed between white lines or "blocks" (supposted to look less ovious?) painted on the road.

Going northbound from Dillsburg, right before you reach the Mechanicsburg Bowmansdale exit, there are two white lines. A cop frequently sits on a ledge alongside of the road and clocks motorists. If you look to the right over your shoulder right before your car hits the first white line you should see the cop; just brake if he’s there. Directly on the opposite side, there is another set of lines. A cop will typically sit down the road from these lines, so look way ahead and look for people ahead of you braking. Also, slow down between these lines during the night, because the a cop frequently sits really close to the lines but just too far so you him see them until its too late; or they put reflective cones next to the lines so they can clock you from way down the road.

The cops are fairly clever, but if you pay attention or just slow down between the while lines you should be OK.

Also: watch out for a light green Ford Crown Vic with a few antennas and a black ford explorer; they are UAPD undercover cop cars.

One last trap they have been using: a black Ford Explorer with dark tinted windows (unmarked cop) will sit on the side of the road with it’s flashers on. It had a box sitting on the side of the road right next to the car and somehow clocks motorists (ESP maybe?). Down the road 5+ cop cars will be waiting. I’ve see six people pulled over all at once. A gold mine for the township used to exploit reasonable drivers? This trap usually exists during holiday weekends, so tell your friends/family to watch out if they are coming to visit you.

One more thing: a radar detector will not help you against the Upper Allen Police. They don’t use radar and I’ve never seen the state police helping them (as some suggest). Just pay attention, slow down between the white lines/blocks and you should be fine.

Route 15 N. at Cumberland Parkway Exit

Upper Allen Township, PennsylvaniaApr 05, 20030 Comments

A white Chevy pick up truck sits on the shoulder under the overpass or in the median. Times vehicles between white lines on roadway. There is usually 5 cop cars on the on ramp to Route 15 waiting for speeders.

U.S Route 15 N just past Bowmansdale exit

Upper Allen Township, PennsylvaniaApr 05, 20030 Comments

Cop sits on the on ramp to Route 15 N, usually on the shoulder. Watches vehicles coming into construction zone, times between the white lines on roadway. Also watches for complete stops at the on ramp. Normally sits there at night with lights off. Being that it’s a construction zone, fines are doubled.

1300 Block South York St. Just after the turnpike overpass going down hill

Upper Allen Township, PennsylvaniaSep 30, 20020 Comments

The police officer waits in a cruiser behind a row of trees and clocks the driver with Vascar. There are two white lines approximately .10 mile apart painted on the road. It is impossible to see him from either direction as he is between two hills and two curves.

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