West Chester, Pennsylvania Speed Traps

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202/322 Between Route 1 and West Chester, PA

West Chester, PennsylvaniaJan 01, 20020 Comments

Just about every night of the week, but especially Friday and Saturday nights, you will find a Birmingham Township Policeman in the Otto’s BMW parking lot running a speed trap. Birmingham is a tiny township and this is one of their main funding sources. He usually drives some big vehicle like a Chevy Suburban, hidden among the cars on the lot at Otto’s. Its 45 there and he loves to pull over people and give them tickets and condescending attitude. Slow down in front of Otto’s but be watchful and careful throughout his "zone": Rt.1 to West Chester.

To South 202 From 100, by the Bridge

West Chester, PennsylvaniaAug 01, 20010 Comments

Right after the exit for Rte. 100 into West Chester, there is a small bridge up the road aways. By the bridge, there is a little embankment. The cop car pulls himself down there and parks so when someone sees him he pulls out and stops people. Also beware of new looking grey Lincolns. I looked over at one the other day and a uniformed police man was inside of it.

202 South, just south of Boot Road exit

West Chester, PennsylvaniaJun 01, 20010 Comments

Cop sits on shoulder of Boot Road on-ramp leading to 202 South, running Vascar. Lines are visible on road surface for this purpose. Cop is not visible from 202 until too late. Easy to evade–simply slow down before Boot Road and speed up when you are no longer visible from on-ramp. Cops never come onto 202 to clock unless they get you through the Vascar portion.

Rt 202, by the Penn Oaks Racquetball club and Mobil Circle K gas station.

West Chester, PennsylvaniaFeb 01, 20010 Comments

They usually hide on the Northbound side of 292 on that road alongside the new Sunoco station right before Otto’s BMW.

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