Clio, South Carolina Speed Traps

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highway 9 just as you enter into Clio

Clio, South CarolinaJun 01, 20100 Comments

The speed limit goes from 55 to 45 to 35 to 25 VERY QUICKLY! They hope you miss the signs or slow down too slowly. My one and only ticket after driving over thrity years came from that town as I slowed down too slow. I just recently went through Clio again ( I travel to NMB often) and this time as I was going 23 MPH in a 25 MPH zone as I was just at the line at the sop light it turned yellow then within a split second the light turned red!! I got pulled over of course , all they do is sit and wait for people…..the light is rigged I believe! Unbelievely I convinced him not to give me a ticket! Unheard of there but I think because I wouldnt let him leave my car by talking and talking to him because of the bad road conditions of standing water as a severe storm had just gone through, he got tired of listening to me and let me go!! I have found an alternative route to NMB and will never go through that excuse for a town again!!! They are crooked in that town! I have read other posts and articles of the corruption there and that they would accept bribes. I havent had that happen after well over 20 years oof going to the beach that way but I will NEVER go through Clio again! After the last traffic stop they can forget me patronizing their town! I’ll spend my money elsewhere. I’m also reporting the light to SC DOT !

State Route 9 near 301 Bypass

Clio, South CarolinaNov 07, 20051 Comments

The speed limit goes from 45 to 25. Then you go around a curve to the right and the police will be sitting off to the right in a field ready to pounce.

Route 9 Eastbound

Clio, South CarolinaJul 22, 20030 Comments

Just be careful and watch all speed limit signs!!
Speed limits are posted prior to arriving at the town limits, but are relatively close together. From 55 to 45 to 35. One would have to brake pretty effectively, no coasting. The town limits are located past a right curve and one has no idea they are there.
When I got stopped, the police officier was already waiting for me when I came around the curve, he must have clocked me through the bushes. 51 mph in a 35 mph zone. Again, I didn’t see the signs and neither did my passenger.
$150.00 fine and 4 points or the "bribe" of $290.00 and no points. I really got hacked off at the "bribe". To me it’s as if the town’s main revenue is the speeding tickets.
Just wish the town would identify themselves a little sooner than after the curve. I’m not accustomed to speeding through these little towns because I admire the older homes and downtown buildings. This is the first speeding ticket I’ve gotten in over 30 years.

State Highway 9 edge of town

Clio, South CarolinaFeb 01, 20010 Comments

Patrol Car is unmarked. Likes to set in private driveway, no chance for radar device to work. Bond is 150.00

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