Hanahan, South Carolina Speed Traps

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North Rhett after leaving Goose Creek around the bend.

Hanahan, South CarolinaSep 22, 20102 Comments

When you go around the bend, after leaving Goose Creek heading to Hanahan, there is a cop that sits on the side of the road in the early morning hours. The speed limit is 55 mph on that road, but he pulled me for going 66 mph. I had my cruise control set at 60, but he said I was going 66. I always set my cruise control on that road. At 60 mph people are still passing me. Technically, I was speeding while going over 55 when the speed limit is 55. So, today I set the cruise control to 53 and watched those that passed me flash their lights.

I will go to traffic court on this one and plead "guilty", of course, to hopefully get some of the points and cost removed. I have been told it is useless to plead my case that I was using the cruise control and I wasn’t going 66. As they say, cops are always right in the eyes of the courts.

North Rhett Avenue near Yeamans Hall Road

Hanahan, South CarolinaMay 22, 20082 Comments

Cop sits in his car with radar gun in hand across from Hanahan’s Neighborhood Pub.

Foster Creek Avenue

Hanahan, South CarolinaDec 04, 20070 Comments

Hanahan cops lie in wait after dark between two 45 zones where the speed limit is 35. This is the worst speed trap place in the world. Don’t even think about buying a house in Hanahan. It will cost you more than your mortgage!

Foster Creek Road near Crossing from Goose Creek into Hanahan

Hanahan, South CarolinaJul 05, 20070 Comments

White mustang is very often stopped by the side of the road as you pass the Goose Creek/Hanahan border.

North Rhett Boulevard near Fosters Landing Road

Hanahan, South CarolinaMay 26, 20070 Comments

White mustang police car will sit behind the bushes and clock north bound traffic. Posted limit is 55 but the road is a divided blvd with no entrances/exits. Limit should be 60 like on hwy 52. You cannot see the cop until you are on top of him. Too late.

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