Isle Of Palms, South Carolina Speed Traps

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Isle Of Palms, South CarolinaJul 28, 20110 Comments

They hide behind the exchange club driveway wall and catch you coming on the island for Sullivans. Isle of Palms has really only one road "PALM" AND OVER 20 POLICEMEN/WOMEN THE WHOLE ISLAND IS A TRAP.

Palm Blvd from 41st Ave – 57th Ave(Between Wild Dunes Gates)

Isle Of Palms, South CarolinaFeb 23, 20110 Comments

I’ve been given a warning here and often see a cop sitting right by the Citadel Beach house. However, watch your speed on the entire island…IOP cops usually have no mercy.

Isle of Palms Connector

Isle Of Palms, South CarolinaFeb 14, 20110 Comments

IOP police are arguable the most aggressive and rude anywhere. I’ve lived in six states and never encountered a police force as ready to stop anyone for anything they feel like as IOP cops. They’ll pull you over for stupid things like your license plate light not being bright enough! Are you kidding me??? This happened to a friend who was on his to visit us. It was a female cop and she tailgated his car from the Mt. Pleasant side of the IOP Connector all the way to half-way down Palm Blvd. If you’re a young driver, you don’t have a chance. They’ll pull you over and tell you you were weaving even though you weren’t! This has happened to our kids and their friends on numerous occasions. This isn’t for safety! This is harassment!

whole island

Isle Of Palms, South CarolinaMay 04, 20100 Comments

A new low even for the IOP cops.Hiding in the Exchange Club garage after you cross Breech Inlet from Sullivans.Also $250 fine for a few miles over the limit.This place reminds me of Highway 17 thru Georgia in the 50s and 60s.Im sure they get their marching orders from the mayor and council.

Whole Island

Isle Of Palms, South CarolinaApr 12, 20100 Comments

This ought to be listed as the worst in SC.Even in Wild Dunes resort where they also patrol.There is a fat one that looks and acts like Jackie Gleason–even to the mirror shades. Just use cruise control all the time and stay at the limit. Stop every stop sign.This has little to do with safety, merely income.This place is bad news.

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